Thank you so much for your interest in advertising here on Mommy Made!
I guarantee you that if you sponsor this blog, I will work HARD for you.
I will make sure your voice, blog or shop is heard and known, and that traffic is sent your way!
If you need to get the word out about a certain new product, sale or special blog post,
simple let me know and I will gladly help spread the word.

Stats as of June 2012:
170 GFC Followers
168 Facebook Followers
380 Twitter Followers
830 Pinterest Followers

Stats as of July 2012:
243 GFC Followers
240 Facebook Followers
495 Twitter Followers
938 Pinterest Followers
 43 Hello Cotton Followers

Mommy Made has advertised on Acute Designs, Through The Eyes of the Mrs.,
Hidden Beauty Photography, The DIY Dreamer, and in July will be on Much Love Illy!

The Daddy Ads are top ads, they come with the option for a SOLO feature/Giveaway post.
Daddy Ads may also take over my blog for the day with a fun guest post. 

The Mommy Ads comes with the option to participate in a GROUP Giveaway
and a Group Sponsor welcome post.

The Kiddo Ads comes with the option to participate in the Group Sponsor Welcome Post.

All ads come with several social media mentions throughout time of sponsorship.

Purchase your ad with passionfruit!

If you are interested in advertising in advertising on Mommy Made
without the purchase of Ad Space there are a couple options:

You can send me something(s) from your shop for me or the kids (to keep),
at your own shipping expense for me to review and/or wear in a post.
Item(s) must be approved by myself, 
and something that I feel goes well with the feel of Mommy Made.

You may have the option to guest post here on Mommy Made.
If you have a great tutorial or fun post you'd think would benefit Mommy Made readers
send me an email and we can chat!

Email me at

I reserve the right to deny sponsorships if I believe they are not a good fit for Mommy Made.
Looking to advertise on a BIGGER blog, for reasonable prices?
Check out my other blog Agape Love Designs.

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