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Hello all and welcome to Mommy Made!
My online mommy journal to capture the fun memories with and of my little bugga-boos!
This idea originally started when my first baby, Kiah, was born.
I had all the greatest intentions to start a journal to write to her everyday, so that I would have something to give to her when she was older. I even bought a fancy journal for her and everything.
Of course as life usually goes.. you get busy and finding time to sit and just write was hard. And her journal was left unwritten. How ever when ever I could I would write quick notes in my phone.. hoping to remember them and eventually get to write them in her journal.
Then along came Bruce Jr. .. I bought him a journal too.. which actually hasnt even left its original plastic! :( Boo.. BIG Mommy fail! With the birth of my 3rd little boo, Zander.. I was determined to capture every memory possible... which is actually when I started taking up photography.
You will notice this blog will be filled with photos.. because I can get a little snap happy at times! ;)
Anyways... as I started getting into the blogging community I was inspired by many "mommy blogs" out there! Little Miss Momma was the main inspiration for me starting this Mommy Blog.

I thought what a GREAT way to share and keep all those moments, memories and pictures!
 But even with all that inspiration it still took some time to finally even get this blog started.. 6 months to be exact before I FINALLY wrote the 1st post here on Mommy Made. Its still been kind of a slow go.. but definitely doing a lot better than the hand written journals! For me, for some reason, sitting down to type something out is a lot easier than writing with a pen and paper.. call me NEW School! :) But that is the story.. this is my online Journal for my kids and for the world to show off all the things "Mommy Made"!

We LOVE crafts, food, photography, adventures and stories around these parts! SO if you're interested in any of those things be sure to hit the follow button and stick around! We would LOVE to have you! :)

Meet Kiah (K-eye-uh) She is 8 Years old as of Feb 28 2011
She is my only girl and she is so much like me! :)
She loves all kinds of crafts and just recently learned to sew!
But she is a major Daddy's Girl and is also just like The Daddy!

Meet Bruce Jr, he is 5 years old as of April 29 2011
This boy is fearless! He loves going on "Abentures", Making Silly Faces, and just like Daddy he is SUPER competitive! But he is also sweet, loving and ALWAYS good for a laugh, when you need one!

Meet Zander, the "baby" of the family! He is 2 years old as of March 13th 2011.
Even though he is young he still has BIG dreams of going to the moon!
He definitely keeps me on my toes but gives me so much inspiration!

Hello, I am The Mommy!

My name is Maria-Isabel.. 
and if you recognize me it may be from my other main blog Agape Love Designs
I also have another blog I share with my sisters called The 4 Way Stop.
Im 26 as of August 8 2010! I am a stay at home wife who works FULL TIME as a Mommy! :)
I also do photography on the side as well as run a fun little esty shop called Agape Love Boutique!

Meet The Daddy!
He may make a quick appearance every now and then on the blog helping with special Mommy/Daddy Projects and on Father's Day! But dont let his lack of presence on the blog fool you.
We love him lots he is just camera (and blog shy) at times!

Thanks for stopping by!
Now that you have meet us, we hope to get to know more about you too!


  1. Hi!!! I follow you on FB. Can't wait to learn more about you on your Mommy Blog!! You are beautiful and OH SO CREATIVE!!! :D You have a great looking family!! :D

  2. Follow all of your blogs!! You have such a beautiful family, and can't wait to see more of you blog!!!

  3. November 7, 2012
    You and I have just become friends via my email about my Campbell's Soup parties :-)

    I just had to keep looking at your blogs have a gorgeous family !! Love your article on girls/self esteem. Have you heard of the BLUSH ministry? It is a big movement on self esteem for kids and teens. Is going full force in Kokomo Indiana !

    You have a good thing going here and I am blessed that I "found" you !Love in Christ, Barb

  4. You have a beautiful family! i look forward to following you


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