Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Coming Out From Behind The Camera

For a long time I used to hide behind the camera. I loved taking photos of my kids... But never WITH my kids. I always wanted to get them playing, doing their thing, or with The Daddy. It was always "Oh I'll take the pictures... I know what I am doing." But the truth was... I just hated being in front of the camera! Though I wanted pictures of me with the kids, so they didnt look back on their childhood and wonder where Mommy was.. But when ever I did get in the photos I just hated it. Hated the way I looked. Hated how I felt... Hated having proof of just how big I was.. Especially next to my adorable little kids... Or my fit husband. But ever since this mommy got her butt into gear, Ive decided I need to step out from behind the camera....

The kids always see me taking pictures and ask if they can. Usually I am hesitant, since they usually come out blurry and I worry they will drop my camera. But yesterday I threw my cares to the wind! They each wanted to take photos of me and with me... So I let them! They are not perfect, they are blurry... But they are AMAZING in my opinion. I love my kids and am glad to finally be coming out from behind the camera!

What I am Wearing:
Tank Top: Walmart
Skinnies: Walmart
Shoes c/o: Sugar Love Boutique
Necklace c/o: Wild Butterfly Boutique
Earrings: Charlotte is ChaCha


  1. awe i love seeing these pics. you're kids are adorable!

  2. Oh the kids will love to look back at these!! Super cute!

  3. Awesome! You look great and can see so much love and happiness in all your smiles!


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