Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Playroom Inspiration for My Large Family

Between my kids, Kiah, Bruce & Zander, and my husband, my family is pretty big and I couldn’t be more excited! My youngest baby, Zander, turned 4 in March and soon neither Mommy nor Daddy will be able to keep him in one spot for too long. I’ve started entertaining the idea of having a space dedicated for our kids; a space that they can use as a safe and comfortable place to play and explore their creativity. I’ve been looking for playroom inspiration, and have found some amazing stuff I would love to replicate on my own.
 Inspiration from the Willow Glen Residence on The first thing I noticed about the space was the series of letters and numbers written on the black wall to the left. I’d love to replicate this, but would love to do it with chalkboard paint. This way we can half one wall in the room dedicated to practicing ABCs. What I love most about this room are the pops of color the beanbags add to the space. I think beanbag chairs are great – they’re easy to move around by children and don’t have any sharp corners or hard surfaces that could hurt them.

 I’ve found a huge beanbag chair from to replicate the look. I can definitely see Zander and Bruce Jr. having just as much fun! 
Inspiration from 3 Things to Love on The thing I love most about this room is the contrast between the white walls and the brightly colored yellow shelf and orange-hooked rack. The shelf was hung at just the right height, making it easy for the little ones to grab anything they may need. I’m also admiring the plastic panel, with cups of varying sizes molded into it. Kids can store their pens, pencils and paint brushes neatly away – but this arrangement still leaves them easily accessible.

I’ve actually found this Uten.Silo wall-mounted organizer on Design Within Reach to replicate this look. Didn’t expect something so simple to be so expensive!

Inspiration from JLOOP on Other than the to-die-for floors (Is that wood? Glazed cement?), the thing that impresses me most about this last playroom is the ample storage. Large cabinet shelves for large items neatly conceal the mess, while smaller cabinets, set closer to the ground, are easily accessible to the children. The shallow shelves conveniently display the books making it easier for Kiah to pick the one that she wants to read (or the book they want mommy and daddy to read!).

I found the Holman Shelf from Pottery Barn, which comes in 2” and 4” that would replicate this look nicely.

Inspiration from The Ultimate Kids’ Playroom on What I love most about this set-up is the multicolored carpet, adding a punch of color to an otherwise black and white room. This room combines a few of the things that I love from some of the others: calk-board painted walls, cubbies, and bookshelves for the kids.

The paper chandelier looked very familiar, and after a bit of digging I couldn`t believe it took me more than a few seconds to realize it was pure Ikea. I’ll continue to look for other inspiring playrooms, and hopefully we’ll get one for our growing family soon. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please let me know!


  1. Oh bean bags. So so fun. Even my fiance wants one for our house haha.

  2. I love Ikea. Love it. And bean bags are timeless. =0)
    Hopped over here from your Agape Love Designs blog and now following via GFC here too.


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