Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6 Flags

For Bruce's 7th Birthday this year, we kind of weren't sure what to do. After having just thrown such a huge party for Zander the month before, we were pretty burnt out. But we still wanted to do something special. So The Daddy and I decided to surprise them all with a trip to 6 Flags! They had never been to an amusement park before, and have only been to a town fair like once before. So this was going to be a big special treat for them!

We had a blast of course, it was great to see their faces. And see them enjoy this family fun day! The only real downside was that towards the end of the day, Zander fell and bumped his head real good. Got himself a nice big goose egg. :( Poor guy. He is ok now. We got him checked by a medic and  he toughed it out. But boy was it scary!

Also we had the pleasure of a family friend (Whom has been dubbed as my Washington Mom, since she took that role on. while The Daddy was in Iraq, when we lived in WA and I was so far away from my own mom and family!) visiting with us for Brucey's birthday that week, so she joined us and was a nice help too. So now I'll let the photos do the talking... I tried to narrow them down and collage them so it wouldn't be so overwhelming. Still its going to be a photo heavy post.

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  1. What a wonderful post Maria-Isabel!!
    I have to say, Bruce Jr's face on those pics of him, Kiah and The Daddy on the rollercoaster is priceless!! What a lucky boy to have had such a great birthday. I always love looking through your photos, heavy or not.
    Thank you for sharing :)



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