Friday, December 28, 2012

Insta-Life Of Mommy Made

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1. Breakfast Blueberry Muffin Pancakes!
2. Lightning McQueen slippers. He wanted to wear them to the store.
3. Zander & Bruce playing Dora Dance
4. The Daddy getting in on Dora dance! HA

1. Ready for the day and new Family Traditions!
2. Kiah and Bruce looking so darn cute ready for our new family photos! See more here & here.
3. Zander making a graham cracker house!
4. Turned out pretty good. ♥

1. Z snuggling with The Daddy, so cute!
2. The kidlets, mmm spaghetti & meatballs.
3. The Daddy Singing & playing Guitar!
4. Of course Zan wanted to give it a try too. ♥

1. Decorating time!
2. The kidlets.
3. Gotta love a good couch fort!
4. Me.

1. Zander and his best cousin Bella!
2. Zan in the red (his fav color) monster hat we got him at 6 flags!
3.Wrapping presents and watching Friends!
4. Sweet little Bruce made me a pressie! LOVE.

1. The kidlets scooping out all the presents after we put them out!
2. The Daddy arranging the presents.
3. Me & Z!
4. Z & Me!

 More sillyness from Z & I.
 Little Z-Man praying and going to sleep with his babies and ducky.

1. Sweet Bruce is always the first to fall asleep!
2. Ornaments the kids made me in church, so cute.
3. Brucey made this for me in school. LOVE IT!
4. Fun labels for the wine and cider.

1. Morning coffee!
2. I Spy with The kidlets.
3. The reason I hate laundry! #momchores!
4. Only took 30 minutes to sort them all. Still not fun!

 All dressed up for Christmas!!

 All dressed up for Christmas.

1. Merry Christmas!
2. The kidlets.
3. More of Zander & I!
4. He likes to snuggle and take pictures AKA push the button. LOL.
 He is a cutie.

1. Kiah enjoying the new Nook we got her for Christmas!
2. Me & The Daddy being silly.
3. PUZZLE time!
4. Funny how The Daddy playing angry birds star wars draws a crowd!

1. Silly lil Buddy Boo & I!
2. My sweet boys.
3. My Momma made me this hat!
4. It was finally a nice day to play outside!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments!

Last night I attended my church's ladies Christmas Pot Luck and ornament exchange.
Well we had only come home the night before, from our anniversary vacation, 
so I didn't have time to pick out a lovely ornament to bring!

I had a couple hours before it was time to go, and I thought to myself...
'I can try to make something real quick!'
So I went to my craft room and started looking around....
I saw some green felt, my jar of buttons and I thought of Christmas.....

Well then this quick idea came to mind, so I ran to grab my camera, 
so I could share a little 'how to' in case they turned out good.

Well I thought they turned out very cute, and they were a big hit at the party.
So I decided to share! These are so simply, and fun to make.
Even the kids would love to help, and you can create a variety of different looks, 
depending on the buttons and felt you use!

So if you are looking for a fun Christmas craft to do with the kids,
or are looking for a quick last minute ornament for YOUR exchange... 
Look no further! Ive got you covered. ;)

 Supplies needed:
-Felt. I used two different greens to make it pop.
-Hot glue/gun
-Needle & Thread (I used green)
-Buttons (faux pearls would even be perfect for a 3D look!)
-Thin Ribbon

I didn't get pictures before cutting & gluing the felt.
It was at this point that I decided to grab my camera! HA
But I pretty much drew 'triangle' layers that got wider and wider.
Layered the different colored felt, and the glued the together.
Only use a small line of glue for each layer, so you can still sew through them!

Now I actually sewed on each of the buttons...
But if you prefer you can also just glue them on too.

A view of the back, after I was done sewing.
Since I didn't feel like creating a knot with the thread, I just cut it and used glue to keep it in place!

Next, add your loop....

Now you have a completed, sweet little felt ornament!
 I made two, since Kiah was going with me!
 Some up close details!

I packaged them with small brown bags, a heart doily, white yarn,
and some cute flat back buttons I had on hand. Simple, but cute!
 Decided to add a candy cane as a bonus! ♥

Monday, December 17, 2012

It Shouldnt Take A Tragedy

 Photos taken by Ryan Alexander

This morning I sit here with a softened, sad, heavy heart.

This weekend was mine and The Daddy's anniversary, so we were away,
and hadn't heard about the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre until the evening after it happened.

Because we were away trying to enjoy ourselves and each other, celebrating our 8 years of marriage,
I didnt really allow myself to think about it much, or let sink in until now.
But my mind went right to our kids who were home with my sister, and I ached for them.
And as I watch the news and read about what happened, this morning my eyes fill with tears.
My mind instantly goes back to other tragedies such as Columbine and 911, even.
Just because that same exact, sad, scared feeling is back all over again.

The hurt I feel for those who lost loved ones.... Oh my heart breaks for them.
I cry and ache for the parents who lost their babies, all too soon.
And again I think of my own kids, whom I just sent off to school (and re-tucked Zander in as he was still sleeping).

I think of so many times when I have sent them off to school, having been cranky or grumpy to them -
Because I am not a morning person, and neither are they... And sometimes mornings are rough!
I cant help but think, what if one of those days had been their last! 
Oh the lump in my throat and the tears that swell at just the thought...
It hurts SO BAD, to think Ive done that.

I almost cant believe, Ive forgotten so often how PRECIOUS life is, how precious MY KIDS are!
How we NEVER know what day, minute even, will be our last.
How I need to LOVE so much more, be patient, and never say goodbye being mean or grumpy.
Hug my kids tighter, be sure they know I love them, feel my love even when they leave my presence.

Truly it shouldn't take a tragedy for me (or any of us) to stop and realize this, or remember to do this.
So I will remember this feeling, and use it to be the best mom I can be for my precious kidlets.
Because I can barely imagine my life with out any one of them!
And just the thought...
Just putting myself in the place of these parents who have lost their kids this week end,
has me so emotional I can barely see the screen as I'm typing this.

I want to pray so badly that this never happens to me!
That I never have to lose my precious kids, or family members.
That I wont have to suffer....
Yet that feels so selfish, right now.

Though that is a prayer of mine, right now I just want to pray for and lift up 
those families who ARE suffering right now.
I pray that God give them comfort in this horrible time.
That He remind us that the precious lives lost are safe now in His presence.
My heart aches so badly FOR them, and I imagine that's not even half the pain they feel...

I feel helpless, but I know our God gives us all hope.
So I will just keep praying, and trust in Him for that comfort - for myself and for everyone.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Helping The Needy

Kiah is on the Student council at school, and the student council put together a can food drive at their school to donate to the even bigger can food drive through Salvation Army!
They brought in a whole truck load of food to donate.
So they all go to go and drop it off, and even be on the local news!
Which is pretty exciting.
But to me, what is more exciting is to see these kids so happy to help be apart of something GOOD.
Being a help to others.
A mother could not be any more proud, than the mothers of these sweet little students!
They did awesome!
I was hoping the news would have a video on their website of the little bit they shot of the kids...
But couldnt find anything to share on here with you. :(
Also, I only had my cell phone on me, wish I had remembered my camera to get better photos.
 But oh well... These work. :)
How cute are they!?

Monday, December 10, 2012

Tree Cuttin' And 4 Wheelin'

Our little family started a new Christmas tradition.
Tree cuttin' & 4 wheelin'.
We had a blast as you can tell.
It was an amazing day.
I love my husband and kids so much.
Not much else to say... The photos pretty much speak for themselves. ♥


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