Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Photos {Instagram}

 Kiah & Bruce lookin' great before our Family Portraits!

 Weight loss journey or not, I'm making room for this nog of egg. Tehe what holiday treats will always be in YOUR diet? BTW this is my "oh mah gah I'm so excited for egg nog!" Face

 Getting himself dressed like a big boy! #Zander he is such a stud, check out them abs!!

 My writing in the green crayon, Zander (my 3 year old son) writing in orange crayon. He is getting so good at writing! He asked how to write my name, so I showed him. Then he wrote it by looking at mine. I'm so proud of him!

 Hello giant strawberries, meet my mouth. :-)

 Zander & Kiah getting MUCH needed hair cuts!

 Part 2 of our family portraits, was all about the NINERS gear.
I thought The Daddy needed some family photos for his 49ers game room!

 Got her soccer medal!

 Sometimes I'm a really nice momma who uses her early mornings to make a warm breakfast for the kidlets.
Check out this super yummy recipe for Blueberry Muffin Pancakes

Enjoying said blue berry muffin pancakes!

 I love his sweet lips. So precious!

 Ever since we lost Mini, he has really wanted another pet.
My little love bug, he needs a furry companion. 

 She had to make up her own board game for a school project! 
Its actually really good and fun!

 Family game night! #mario kart #wii :-)

 Makeup Look on my other blog.

 How I found the kids toothbrushes this morning. 
Looks like purple & blue are telling secrets and red is being left out. haha
 #fun #CaptionThis

 The most perfect bubble beard! haha #SantaWouldBeProud

Date Night with The Daddy #WhatIWore
If you're an instagram-er too find me @agapelovegirl!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blueberry Muffin Pancakes!!

Good Morning friends!! I have a sweet recipe to share with you today!
Blueberry Muffin Pancakes* is something we came up with a little over a year ago.
I was going to be making breakfast... Pancakes, eggs and bacon for the family. ♥
Only problem was, The Daddy likes BLUEBERRY pancakes, and we only had the regular pancake mix at the time. So we ended up coming up with a delicious new kind of pancake that I just HAD to share with you!

When looking through the cabinets The Daddy found a package of blueberry muffin mix!
He said "what about this... I don't know?"
I said "YEAH.. that could work! Lets give it a try!"
I'm so glad we did, because these pancakes turned out AWESOME!
Way better than regular blueberry pancakes.
These were softer and thicker at the same time.
The flavor was just sooo good.
Its hard to explain how delicious these were/are.
So you will just have to trust me and make them for yourself!
Here is what I did:

Pancake Mix and a packet of Betty Crocker Blueberry muffin mix!

 Following the yellow high lighted recipe below,
I used 2 cups of pancake mix, and the whole packet of blueberry muffin mix.
Then I added 2 cups of water.
(1 1/2 cups for the pancake mix and 1/2 cup for the blueberry mix)
Next, mix together until you get the right pancake batter consistency.

After that, cook pancakes as usual.
Top with your favorite syrup!
We love that buttery syrup around here.
Then enjoy! :)

They may not look much different than any blueberry pancake.. but TRUST me, PLEASE and try this! :) You wont regret it! :)
The blueberries from the muffin mix seem a lot bigger and tastier than the ones in blueberry pancake mix.
Just look at the picture below! :)

 Speaking of pancakes... would you like to create a special message or design in one?
This is definitely something that makes my kids smile at breakfast time!
Head on over to my other blog to see this 

If you try these.. come back and let me know what you think! :) 

*This post was originally written for my 3rd blog 4 way stop. Since Im not really writing there anymore I thought I would post here!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Its A Holly Jolly Giveaway!

Hello Sweet readers and friends!
Who, is excited that Christmas is RIGHT around the corner?
This year seems to have just FLOWN by.
I can hardly believe it.
I am excited none the less, though, because this is always a wonderful time of year.

And today with the help of one of my sweet sponsors, Trinity, we are going to help you kick off this time of year with a HOLLY JOLLY GIVEAWAY!

But before we get started, I want you to get to know a little bit about Trinity!

"Hi! I'm Trinity and I blog over at Ramsay Grace.  There, I share the madness that is my life, including the antics of my very cute, but very rambunctious little girls!  I'm also constantly working to walk more closely with God, and recognize and thank Him for the many blessings that surround me.  My blog is only a few months old, so I have a lot growing to do; however, I'm having the BEST time and have met so many wonderful people.  I enjoy encouraging others, but have found that I'm the one that's been encouraged and helped by the many wonderful bloggers I've met. Maria is definitely one of those and I appreciate the lengths she's gone to making me feel welcome.  Thanks for having me!"

Trinity, thank you so much for that sweet comment! You are so sweet! ♥

If you would like to connect with Trinity you can find her here:

Now Trinity has put together a super fun $50 value "Holly Jolly" prize pack to get you all pumped up for the Holidays!

Want to enter to win!?
Of course you do!
Just wait for the rafflecopter widget to load below and get all the entries in that you can!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good Luck

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stories By Zander

Zander likes to tell stories.
He is actually really great at it.
I love his imagination and how he uses people, things and events from real life to mix in with his imagination and stories.
I thought it would be a good idea to start recording his stories to share with him when he is older.
As well as with friends and family since he often includes them in his stories.
Not to mention they are just so cute and fun!
So, today I am sharing two stories that Zander has shared with us.
These are actual stories that he has told me and I have written them just as they have come out of his mouth.

Story #1

There was a brave and happy knight names me (Zander).
Then Ia bad guy took Princess Kiah.
Then I saved her from the bad guy.

Then there was a scary piggy.
The scary piggy was in a cave.
Then he followed me and he was a happy pig, because I gave him a piggy toy.
Then I made a castle for him.

And I called Kiah but she didnt come.
(Looking at Kiah)Then finally you come.
And we played on the merry for round, and I made a tower for us.

Then Brucey came and there was a doggy named Mini and mini ran away.
Then you and you and you and me and daddy went to my castle.
Then Mini came back to our house.

Then we made a mud puddle for the piggy and Kiah played with the piggy and his toys.
Then Mommy came and I took her phone.
Then there was a light and I ate my food and took a drink.

Then a Spider came, it was dark outside.
So it was bed time in my castle.
But I was lost...

Knight Aunty Mona found me.
Knight Aunty Mona helped me find Princess Kiah and we had to go to bed.

The End.

Story #2

Once upon a time...

There was a King & Queen. (Points to Bruce & Kiah)

Then a bad guy got Princess Kiah and I was a knight and I saved her.
I beat up the bad guy, he fell in a mud puddle and died.

Then somebody came... (said in a creepy voice)

It was a MONSTER.
The monster broke my castle and went stomp stomp stomp ROAR!!!!
We got the monster and Kiah helped me fix my castle with my tools.

Then somebody came again.
It was mommy and she was a pig.
Then I got lost.
Aunty Mona came to help Kiah find me.
I was in rainy forest.
They lead me straight to the castle.

Then Mini ran away but Uncle Leland help us find her.
Then someone ELSE came to the castle.

It was 10 angry red fish.
The angry red fish got me and pushed me into the river!
But then they werent angry anymore, they were nice fish now.

Now, BOWZER came.
He threw fire at me with his mouth.
He was SO BIG!
I threw fire at him.

Then I got flying powers.
And Daddy and Brucey and Mommy and me got into the game.
And they saved me.

That's the end of my story.

I just love these.
He is such a silly kid.
But I adore his stories, and watching his facial expression,
and listening to his vocal fluctuation as he gets into it.

And just to clarify, he often watches Brucey playing Mario on the Wii, Bowser is his favorite (aside from toad the little mushroom guy) and so Bowser is often the bad guy of most of his own stories.

About the little dog "Mini", well he is right on about her.
We DID have a sweet little dog, and we lost her. :( We have all be super sad about that.
And I think this is one way he remembers her, I love that about him.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


You know, its really funny, but I never really have considered any of my kids "co-sleepers".
Each of my kids have had a very "normal" sleeping routine.
Always have done well sleeping in their cribs and then transferred well into their own beds!

Bed time is usually easy, LONG, but easy.
They all will fall asleep and sleep well in their own beds.

Though, most nights Zander DOES ask if I will sleep with him.
Sometimes I give in to that sweet little request of his because my heart aches to stay with him and get in all the extra cuddle time I can get while he is so small and desires it so.

But most nights I have to tell him no.
I do explain to him that night night time is Mommy and Daddy time.
And that I love him and love cuddling, but that I want to go cuddle with daddy too!

Anyways, Zander does well sleeping in his own bed.
He does seem restless at times, though.
The kids go to bed at 9 and The Daddy and I usually head for our own room about 10-11.
I always check on the kids before I go to bed, to make sure they are still covered and such.

Some nights Zander is still awake.
He is so good, he stays in bed, knowing its bed time.
But just lays awake, not able to sleep.
I'll usually give him another set of huggies and kissies and tell him night night again.
And by the time The Daddy and I actually go to sleep, Zander is finally asleep too.

He has kind of been the only one to ever crawl into bed with us in the wee hours of the morning.
But it wasnt so much so that I thought he would be considered a "co-sleeper".
However Ive come to realize for the past few months of so, he HAS been making this a habit!
Its been EVERY night, the last few months!

He has been waking up and coming into bed with us anywhere between 3-5 am!
And I am very torn about this.
Because I actually do love snuggling with him.
Plus its good for when I have bad dreams!

Like the other night I woke up from a bad dream where Zander was killed.
WHY do us mothers have to have horrid dreams like that!? WHY!
Anyways, I woke up and my heart was just aching.
But I found Zander sleeping next to me and I was just so grateful to have him there next to me.
I kissed his pouty little lips and wrapped my arms around him until my alarm went off.

But the down side is that he is sort of a bed hog.
Or well maybe he is a "Mommy Hog."
Cause he practially wants to sleep ontop of my face,
He has to be THAT close to me.

So I am usually on the edge of the bed, extremely uncomfortable.
On top of that I wake up at 6:15 every morning, JUST so I can have my mommy alone time.
If Im not careful I will wake him right next to me.
And no one wants him up that early! ;)
So I have to CREEEP slowly out of bed, and be sure to tuck the blankets around him so he doesn't notice the absence of my body next to him!

The other thing is that The Daddy is NOT happy about Zan sharing our bed.
Though, he hardly even notices him there! haha
But when he wakes to find him there, he gets sort of annoyed.
He believes Zander is a big boy, and if he were awake when Zan comes in, he would send him to bed.

And I agree, he needs to be in HIS bed.
But the thing is, most of the time I am so sleepy or barely awake when he comes in,
that I just naturally allow him in bed without much thought.
On occasion when he has come in and I am still pretty awake I will help him back to his own bed.
For the most part, Im too tired to function.

Sooo... For now I guess we have a co-sleeper.
Its a love-hate things for me.
I am not sure if I am for or against it really.
But just thought I would blog about it and get some advice.

Do you have a co-sleeper?
If so, how do YOU feel and how does your hubby feel about it?
Do you have any tricks for keeping your little one in their own bed?

What about the quality of sleep for your little one?
Zander, as I mentioned before, sometimes seems restless.
I'm wondering if that's something I should mention to his pediatrician or is that normal?

I'd love to have some discussion about this.
So please feel free to share YOUR stories with me! :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pinterest Re-Pin Party!

Welcome to the Pinterest REPIN Party!!

Your host: The DIY Dreamer  

This week's co-hosts are: twelveOeight Love and Laundry Mommy Made 

 Polkadot Pretties Life Created Leen Machine Paper Studio


Pinterest is a WONDERFUL tool that can bring in LOTS of traffic to your blog. 
Do you have a fabulous pin that you would LOVE to have repinned on Pinterest 
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You get to link up your favorite pin and in return you get at least 9 repins,  
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1- Repin the hosts Pinterest pins in the link up. (They would be the first 7 link ups) 
OPTIONAL (It would be greatly appreciated!) - Follow your hosts Pinterest pages: The DIY Dreamer - twelveOeight - Love and Laundry - Mommy Made - Polkadot Pretties - Life Created - Leen Machine Paper Studio 

 2- Link up the Pinterest url of what you would like to have re-pinned (only 1). (The url of your pin. Example:  

3- Repin the 2 link ups before you. Feel free to repin as many as you like, I'm sure most will return the favor!!
4- Grab the button below and place it somewhere on your blog and/or share this on Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter!
The DIY Dreamer

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Have fun with the Pinterest repin PARTY!!! We can't wait to see all the pins!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Life Via Instagram

Hey friends, Im on instagram.
If you're an instagram-er too find me @agapelovegirl!
If you're not, you can check out my insta-life through this post. ;)

1.) Good Morning Zan & LJ (My nephew)
2.) Counting and bagging Box Tops!
3.) Silly Boys
4.) Zander's Pumpkins

1.) Happy Friday, friends!!
2.) Last Practices
3.) He was tired
4.) A Momma's lap is never her own! #truth

1.) Had a little scare with this... Turns out it was Kiah writing a message to her brother. It was "unfinished" apparently...
2.) Party time! #YoureDoingItWrong
3.) Super Zander!
3.) Cutest lil super hero EVER!

1. & 2.) My sweet little niece, wearing the bow I made her!
3.) I colored my own mask at the party.... YES it had to have a bow!
4.) My beautiful niece Jasmin in her dance class.

So proud of the kidlets who all said "Subway" when asked what they wanted for lunch out with momma & daddy. :-) #eatfresh

1.) Saying " thank you momma" because he can't seem to find his own sun glasses and won't go outside without sunglasses on! So he asked to use mine & I said yes. :-)
2.) Halloween!
3.) Sweet Buggy
3.) Loves for Momma

1.) Its time for BUBBLE GUPPIES!!
2.) Chillin
3.) Homework Time
3.) They had an early morning! Kiahs team went to district cup! They lost their first game & won the second/third. 

1.) I've got a Lil helper with dinner! Made meatballs for spaghetti!
2.) Saw Wreck It Ralph with my fam & my sister & her fam. Had fun, such a cute movie!!!
3.) "Momma, come look at my 'Z' I made!" Super proud of himself! Love it!!!
3.) Gotta have one of me in there! Rockin some 49ers gear!! YEAH!

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