Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mega Mama Giveaway!

Holy Mother of all giveaways!!! Hello friends!!!
I am excited (in case you cant already tell from all the exclamation points) to introduce to you one of my amazing Sponsors, Tabitha from Shipwrecked on Fabulous Island! She is excited for fall, and even more excited to give all her fall favorites to ONE lucky Mommy Made reader! So she has come up with a "Mega Mama Giveaway" for you all. She is going to let you all know what you can win! Please welcome, Tabby:
Happy Fall, ya'll!  

I'm Tabby from Shipwrecked on Fabulous Island and I thought I was going to stop by and share a craft tutorial with a small giveaway...  THEN THE WORLD CHANGED!  O, you haven't heard?  


I just LOVE all things fall.

The sweater weather.

The comfort food.

The colors.

The holidays.

AND sooOoO much more!  Matter of fact, in lieu of a giveaway, I'm handing over a major shipment of all of my fall faves; 
a Mega Mama Giveaway, if you will. 
 Check out my Fall Fave Bucket O' Prizes:

  1. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes - $5 Starbucks gift card. Who doesn't want to feel warm-n-fuzzy inside?
  2. My girls love SB hot chocolate
  3. Soup Season - $5 Panera gift card.  Cheddar broccoli bowls make my carb-lovin' belly happy!
  4. Sweater Weather - $20 Target gift card. Target has a great selection of cardigans (join the cardi party!).
  5. A good scarf - 1 loop scarf.  I love this turquoise color and can't wait to rock mine!                                                      
  6. Holiday Decor - $20 Michael's gift card.  The pumpkins, the leaves, Halloween and Thanksgiving?  My go-to place for crafts and decor is Michael's...  I even hosted my daughter's last birthday there and we had a blast!
  7. Candy Corn - 2 bags.  I know.  Call me crazy but they look pretty in jars, make great crafts and just SCREAM fall, right?
I tried to buy you a pumpkin farm but my-- I couldn't find -- it ain't happenin' this time! I just love this season and I hope the aforementioned prizes get you equally as excited for fall!  I really appreciate the opportunity to share and I'd love if you joined me on Fabulous Island, Twitter or Pinterest for some fun and easy fall crafts and party tips!

Maria here again... Isnt this a truly FABULOUS giveaway!? 
It definitely lives up to its name "Mega Mama Giveaway"!
Who is excited to win this giveaway? You better be, I know I would be!
If I could enter my own giveaways, I'd do everything I could to win this one. ;)
So if you are like me and want to win this giveaway,
you can enter using the rafflecopter widget below!!
And be sure to come back, because there are entries you can do everyday 
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Friday, September 28, 2012

For My Benefit

I am sure some people might be getting tired of all these sports photos.... But as the title states these are for my own benefit.
I take these photos because I want to remember. Because I cant help but share and gush. Because I never want to forget these special little moments... His FIRST year playing football, playing ANY sport, actually!

I actually have to miss a lot of his games because his games and Kiah's games are so close in time, so when they are in different towns, we must split up. :( I always take Kiah because most all her games are local, whereas Brucey has to travel several hours away for some of his games! This momma has somewhat of a fear of traveling/driving alone (as in with no other adult) to places she is not familiar with. So The Daddy takes him. And usually can make it back for most of Kiah's game.

So the games I DO get to go to, I just love. I cheer. I yell. I take an endless amount of photos! And when I look at them, I get choked up.

When I see that cute face, that face that is a miniature of The Daddy, my heart melts. When I see those sweet little freckles, I swoon. I love this little guy so much. Though I must admit he drives me bananas a lot of the times... But he is still my little love. My little buddy boo.

Only he is not so little anymore.

He is growing up, handsome as ever.

And as he grows I will have these photos, these memories to look back on. To keep time still for a while. I need that sometimes. Life goes by way to fast. So I need these. As I said...

These are for my benefit.

But I do, deep down, hope you still enjoy them too.

P.S. I must gush big time... The last game I got to see of Bruce's (not this one pictured) he got a chance to run the ball! My heart about stopped when I saw his little number running with the ball towards to end zone. He almost made it too. But got taken down about 10 yards before.
I was so proud of him I actually started crying. Crying. No joke. He has mostly been playing defense up until then. So it was a big moment.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zander's Love Language

Lightening McQueen Cars Hat c/o: Knotty Nani Boutique
Recently I talked a little about Love Language and shared Kiah's Love Language with you all. I got such wonderful feedback about that post. And I was so glad to share the site with you all. :)  I know many of those who read the post, took the test! Some of you shared. I would love to hear from more of you, though. :)

Today I am sharing Zander's Love Language.

Zander's Love Language:
1.) Quality Time
2.) Physical Touch
3.) Receiving Gifts
4.) Acts of Service
5.) Words of Affirmation

His number one turns out to be Quality Time! Which is perfect since we have actually been having TONS of time together lately. Since The Daddy is helping with his brother's new job now, he is gone most of the day. Kiah and Brucey are gone at school... So its just me and the Z-man. :)

I have actually been really enjoying this. Not that I don't like the others around, but its been nice. Quiet. And I can focus more on the quality, not just on the time. Might seem crazy, but I can get a lot more done without The Daddy, home all day with me. So I'm able to work and do my "mom chores" quickly. And with Kiah and Bruce at school, my attention doesn't have to be so divided.

I can focus on just Zander. Which is fair because both Bruce and Kiah have had their share of undivided attention and time with me. Kiah, because she was the first born, Brucey did while Kiah was in School. But since Zander has been born my attention and time with him has always been divided.The Daddy, who used to be a SGT in the Army, was injured in Iraq and medically retired. So with him being home all the time, things just were not the same.

ANYWAYS.... Now its just me and Z, Monday-Friday until about 3:30. So we get all kinds of quality time now. Sometimes that means playing cars and dinosaurs, or reading books. Sometimes that means playing outside and watching him ride his Lightening McQueen bike, sometimes its coloring or helping him learn to write - he is big into spelling his name and learning how to write it by himself! And sometimes its simply cuddling up on his bed or the couch with him and watching his favorite cartoons.

Which is also perfect since his 2nd top love language is physical touch. So we cuddle, he loves being close to me, holding my hands and giving me kisses. And I too cherish those. He is such a fun kid, a little different than most (I think) and I love that about him. I love getting to know him better. I love the quality time we spend together. I love his little personality and just being around him makes me happy and smile.

I encourage those who have not heard of the love languages or taken the test, to check it all out! Its not only fun to see how those you love, like to be loved, but its also so interesting to find out too.

For those who have taken the test, for yourself or your kids... What did you think? Were you surprised? Was it right on with what you thought it would be?

This will definitely open your mind to how you show love or love on your spouse/children. :) I know I definitely want to show my kids and husband love the way THEY perceive it now. ♥

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Finding My Way In Texas - Giveaway

Howdy friends!
Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday!
If not, well allow me to make it all the more fabulous for you. :)

I would like to introduce to you my top sponsor this month, Jennifer from Finding My Way In Texas.
She is going to be giving away a gorgeous clucth to 1 lucky Mommy Made reader.
But before we get to the giveaway... Lets get to know a little bit about Jennifer!

She is sharing 3 random facts about herself today:
  1. I really dislike the color orange (I'd say "hate", but then I'd get a lecture from my mother)
  2. I grew up in Canada and still desperately miss Tim Hortons coffee and boston creme donuts!
  3. I want a horse! Like really really badly want a horse! I mean come on!! I live in Texas... living in Texas should automatically come with a horse ;)
How cute and FUNNY is she!?
Dont you just love her? 
She also has a gorgeous shop and she has a HUGE discount to offer! Get 35% off when you use code "FALLFLING2012!!
Well Now... I suppose we shall get on with the giveaway... Yes? Yes.
Giveaway Item:

Lacealicious Clutch: Perfect for proms, weddings, date nights, church and gatherings! This clutch can hold a full-sized wallet or coin purse, checkbook, lipstick, cell phone, keys and other small essentials. Nice soft lace over 100% cotton fabrics. Available in Black'n'White, Ocean, Plum, Yummy Yellow or Pretty in Pink.

Enter using the easy rafflecopter widget

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  Good Luck!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hey friends, Im on instagram.
If you're an instagram-er too find me @agapelovegirl!
If you're not, you can check out my insta-life through this post. ;)
 Most days consist of just me & Zan.
Playing with toys, taking drives. You Know the fun stuff.

 1.) Green & Gold Balloons let go at Brucey's Football game!
2.) Brucey home from his very first game. They won!
3.) & 4.) More sillyness from me & Zan.

1.) Brucey #77 Plowing through like a champ!
2.) Zander's art... drawn on his DRESSER. He got punished, but I was also in awe of his amazing art skills!
3.) Evening sky during Brucey's practice.
3.) My amazing little goalie, Kiah, there in all pink!

1.) Zan had to take turtle baby with us to the store... Seat Belts so we can be safe!
2.) Shopping... with turtle baby. :) He loves his turle baby.
3.) My tan lines after a few hours in the SUN from watching Kiah's game! Good thing I dont burn!
4.) My green & gold football nails.

1.) The Daddy... So Handsome, isnt he?
2.) Flowers for Kiah, from Nani, for winning her game!
3. Mom chores. The endless laundry pile!
4.) Snack time.

More silly photos with Z-man and our totally sweet nerd glasses!
I love this kid's lips!

1.) At school with Kiah & Brucey for Muffins for Moms Morning!
2.) Zander eagerly learning to write his own name. :)
3.) Baby deer just walking right past our sliding glass door one morning.
4.) Our amazing church!

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Bring On The Thunder

Kiah has FINALLY started Soccer. It seemed like it took forever to get going.. Practiced were sparse because of all the fires nearby and the smokey air making it unsafe for games and practices to take place. :(
But finally the air cleared so Practices and games could resume!

These photos are from Kiahs first game. She has had two so far. Two that her team has WON. :)
First game they won 0-6, second game they won 0-7. Bring on the THUNDER!
Our girls are amazing. :) I am so proud of all of them.

You might have noticed in a few of these photos that Kiah was a little emotional. The things is, this was Kiah's FIRST game EVER. I believe all but two girls (Kiah and one other girl) have been playing for a few years! They have been through this and were pretty confident. 

Kiah usually is my confident girl! But this day, she was very nervous. She told me how nervous she was for her first game. I gave her a hug and said it would be ok. She would do great! However during practice, she missed a few balls, as goalie, and it got to her big time!

This is where she is SO MUCH like ME. We are both... well, sort of perfectionists. When we cant or don't get something right, it really strikes a nerve with us. It makes us emotional and insecure. We tend to want to stand back and watch until we know we can do it right. Obviously, she couldn't  do that in a game. And I think the "pressure" got to her. It was pressure she put on herself, of course. But I get it, I do that to myself as well. :( 

Luckily she has some amazing coaches who were there to comfort her. She got back to it and did amazing! She mostly plays goalie, and wow she is good at it! Though, her girls are amazing too, and made it hard for the other team to even get close to our goal. :)

Kiah played goalie for the first half, and then came onto the field for the second half. At times she was a little timid. Then before we knew it, she was totally immersed into the game. Giving it her all! 

I have never been a very "sporty" person. My hand/eye and eye/foot coordination is well, lets just say it is lacking. I am kind of clumsy. I mean I run into walls and corners more often than I care to admit! So, all that to say I have never really been into sports. I only played basket ball a little when I was in 5th grade, but I was only good at shooting the hoots... BY MYSELF. HA. So when I see her, when I see any of my kids play, I get excited! I am in awe of them. I am so proud of them! Just looking at these photos brings tears to my eyes. I get goosebumps from Kiah and Brucey.

And win or lose, it doesnt matter! Just seeing them out there, giving it their all, having fun.... Well that's all that matters to me! Winning is just a fun bonus. ♥ Its funny how Ive never really been a big sports fan. But I do so love being a sports Momma. Ahh... I am so blessed by these kids.

By the way, did you catch her number? Lucky number 7! I say we hit the jackpot with Brucey being #77 and Kiah #7. 777 Baby! ;) Thought that was interesting.


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