Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Little Spartan

Brucey had his first day of football practice Tuesday evening.

We have all been pretty excited for Brucey to start football practice.
Its been a mixture of emotions for me.
One because.. Oh my gosh my little boy is already doing sports!
GAH, when did he grow up already!?
Two because he is a JR Spartan and it was so cool to see him on the same football field that The Daddy played on. To see him practicing at mine and The Daddy's High School, to be a Spartan.
Maybe that sounds lame... I dont know, but to me? That's exciting!
Having the kids go to the same school where The Daddy and I went, and met and became best friends has always been something I wanted.
And sure the kids aren't in High School yet.. but just seeing him in his adorbs little spartan uniform on our High School Football field, it got to me. Made me happy.
Three, well I was also just so nervous for him!
Brucey is SO SHY. I feel for him, because I am shy and I have always been an awkward shy kid. Too afraid to speak up or talk to people or make friends. I was worried he would be scared, and too shy to speak up or whatnot.
He did amazingly, however. He said he had fun, he was excited... He wasn't too fond of me and my camera taking a million pictures, haha, but I believe that's in the job description for being a mom. Right?
And lastly (Four) I'm just plain excited because I never did sports growing up. I dont really know much about how everything goes. So I'm excited to get into it, to learn and to go to the games and just be there as a BIG fan and support to my little buddy boo!

My heart is so full. I am so blessed as a Momma. I look at these photos and cant help but smile at the miniature version of my husband "The Daddy". Gets me choked up. ♥ 

Now coming up soon, Kiah will be starting Soccer! This will be her first sport as well so she is extremely excited to get started! And Zander who wants to be a big kid doing sports too has been hearing all about Brucey's football, and Kiah going to play soccer ball... So he has informed us that he is going to start playing "meat ball" and will also be going to "meat ball practice". Goodness, he is just the cutest thing. I'm not sure how his mind works to where he got meat ball practice from, but I just love it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Crazy Cute Story Of How Brielle Met Mr. D!

Hello sweet friends.
I just wanted to take a minute to introduce to you one of my fabulous sponsors.
Brielle from Mr. D & Me!
She is here today, telling you all a little bit about herself, her blog and
the crazy cute story of how exactly she met Mr. D!
You're gonna LOVE her guaranteed. ;)
So read on, leave some comment love and then head on over to visit her blog!

well hey there, good lookin'! my name is brielle & i hang out in a corner of the blogosphere commonly referred to as mr. d & me. it's a jolly good blog about marriagethe crazy college lifepinterest finds, and of course, my awesome husband, mister d and our life together so far.  he is an engineering intern at a local firm, and i spend my days doing mindless secretarial work from home.  we both rock at being students aka we stay up too late & do our homework last minute.
even though we {mostly he} work hard, we play hard too.  we have been married a grand total of 8.37 months, and have already had a plethora of adventures together. like that one time our apartment building caught on fire after just a week of being married, or when he became a man again, not to mention our recent awesome vacation to the blessed land of disney.  life's a party, yo.
so basically, i am married to the goofiest person i've ever known. do you wanna hear the story of how we met? of course you do. it was a night long, long ago on march 11th, 2011.  my best friend and i had our plans fall through for the evening, so we decided we should just go to this color-dance going on at our university's lds institute.  the party was a bust. we got there & it was a bunch of socially awkward freshmen who thought church dances were the event of the season.  at one point during the lamefest, i caught the eye of a boy in a backward baseball cap across the room, and he winked at me.  i instantly thought, "who does this kid think he is, winking like that? what a goob."   well, on our way out of the dance, we saw this goob & his friends in the parking lot.  i instantly recognized him, of course, and set out to try and disprove my previous assumptions.  within the first two minutes of conversation, i just knew this kid was the complete opposite of a goob & would be someone very important in my life. "how do i subtly ask for this kid's number???" was repeating over and over in my mind.  we were right in the middle of chatting about hometowns and first dates when he just jumped on the back of a moving car and rode away. what? who even does that?  all i could do is laugh, but the thing is he never came back. now how was i supposed to get his number and date him and force him to marry me? all hope was lost.  luckily for me, my best friend is a babe & got his best friend's number.  two weeks later we were double dating at nickel city, which led to seeing each other every night, which of course, led to falling in love.  we were engaged five months later and the rest, my friends, is history. all because of a wink & a smile across a crowded dance floor. did i mention i looked like this that night?
yep, my hair is indeed purple. i was also wearing tie-dye booty shorts & pink tights with knee socks. who wouldn't wanna wink at that? (: well, now you know pretty much every detail of our little lives, you should stop by and pay the blog a visit! i can promise you slightly good jokes, pretty pictures, & a whole lot of love! (: xo, b.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Target And Coffee And Ad Spaces Oh My!

Target And Coffee And Ad Spaces Oh My!
Yes, Oh my, Oh My!
Today I have a GREAT giveaway that you do not want to miss out on!
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Friday, July 20, 2012

I Am The Mommy Who....

I am so excited that I can say Mommy Made is GROWING, and growing fast.
This is so wonderful. :) 
My heart is so happy, that so many are finding and enjoying this little blog of mine.
If you're new here, I'd like to share with you a little about "Mommy Made" and the kinda Mommy I am. 

Mommy Made is sort of like my online journal to my kids. Its a place to keep special letters to my kids, a place to write my advice, and share the fun kids crafts, and activities we do as well as the great memories we make! A place to inspire and be inspired as a parent. And something to have my kids look back on, to show them their childhood in a whole new way! If you're at all curious about me, well let me tell you....
I am the mommy who isnt afraid to say sorry.
I am the mommy who has had a big change of heart.
I am the mommy who loves to throw big fun parties.
I am the mommy who sometimes feels like a failure.
I am the mommy who gets snap happy.
I am the mommy who torn over wanting time to speed up and slow down.
I am the mommy who makes fun and easy food!
I am the mommy who likes to refashion plain t-shirts, here, and here.
I am the mommy who loves doing kids crafts.
I am the mommy who wants to remember and appreciate all the Mommy Joys!
I am the mommy who wants to never forget the all little things.
I am the mommy who likes to interview her kids.
I am the mommy who likes to make silly faces.
I am the mommy who loves summer time.
I am the mommy whose baby girl is growing up!
I am the mommy who enjoys being a mommy of boys.
I am the mommy who makes exercise fun.

If you are new here, why dont you introduce yourself. :)
I am so glad to have you, and look forward to getting to know you more!
Thanks for stopping by today, friends.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hello Cotton Blog Hop!

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HAVE FUN with the Blog Hop!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Father And Son Project

This Momma isnt the only one who likes to get crafty!
As you can see, the boys enjoy doing cool projects, with wood and tools, too. :)
This fun kit was a gift from my Mom to little Bruce so that The Daddy and Little Bruce
could have some special time together and built something awesome through team work.
The kit itself came from the Young Woodworkers Kit Club!

They are pretty neat kits, that come with all the supplies needed for the project at hand.
It really was sweet watching them work.
And seeing Brucey concentrate real hard pound the nails and painting just right.
Of course every time I wanted to get a photo of his sweet face, I got a silly look from him. 
Haha thats definitely my little Buddy right now. Silly little thing. 
Gotta love that toothless grin of his too! hehe


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