Monday, April 30, 2012

Pirate Party And Snacks

Okey dokey! So today I am sharing the rest of the Pirate Party photos from Brucey's 6th Birthday.
I had a lot of fun creating themed snacks and decor... So I am excited to share about it all with you.
 Arent these "Pirate Ship" Jello snacks totally adorbs!? :)
I got the idea and FREE printable sails from {here}.
The only thing I did different was added one swedish fish candy to the jello, for a fun surprise!
 The snack table was set up outside, and it wasnt as "picture perfect" as I had in mind,
because it was so darn windy that day... BUT all in all everything turned out great!
I filled little treasure chests full of goodies and snacks, like Gold Fish Crackers, 
Chocolate "gold" coins, and fruit snacks.
 The black treasure chest's, I bought from the Oriental Trading Company.
That place is amazing for party supplies, and the prices cant be beat!
 Pirate eye patches and pirate rings are also from Oriental Trading Co.
 The amazingly handsome BIRTHDAY BOY!!
Happy 6TH Birthday Buddy Boo!!
 Pirate Shirt tutorial {here}.
 Pirate stickers and tattoos, again, from Oriental Trading Co.

 He wasnt too happy about all the pictures I wanted to take of him.
But can you blame me? He is just too stinkin cute!!
 These were the adorable goodie boxes I also got from Oriental Trading.
The kids thought these were just too cool... And I did too! :)
See all about how I made the cake and his themed cupcakes {here}.
 Blowing out the candles!
 Pirate hat pinata from Target.
 He has got a GREAT swing!!
 Zander up to bat! lol

 And Kiah....
DIY Bean Bag Toss, and we rented the HUGE awesome jump house from Gonzalez Jumpers.
The party was a total blast!
Everyone had so much fun, and I am glad cause I worked my butt off preparing for it.
But I feel blessed that I can even do this kind of stuff for my kids.
Its the best.

P.S. If you have a party, I TOTALLY recommend renting a jump house!
The kids love them and it keeps the safely occupied for hours. ;)

another P.S.
Just for fun, This Momma even dressed up like a pirate for the party...
Unfortunately I forgot to have anyone take a picture!
Thankfully MY Momma snapped a quick pic on her cell. ;)
So, here I am....

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pirate Party Cake And Cupcakes!

 Ok So I decided to share the Pirate party pics in a few posts, so I dont overload you from all the photos!
Today I am going to share with you the indoor dessert table, how I created the cake & cupcakes,
and links to where you can find everything I did!
Swords and Pirate hat found in the party section at Target.

This is the  Skull & Cross Bones Digital Paper, I used to create Bruce's picture frame.
 I created this "Pirates Only" Printable just for the party.
I was inspired by {this} sign.
If anyone is interested in getting this printable to use for their own party, 
leave me a comment and I will share the printable here on the blog for all to use!
 I custom created these lables from {this} digital paper.

 This pirate hat cake was actually SUPER easy!
Only made from a cleverly cut ROUND cake. :)
You can find the how-to {here} on Family Fun.
 The Birthday Boy checking out Mommy's Progress!
 I was a busy bee the morning of his Party.
 I just LOVED this treasure map cupcakes idea from Family Fun.
 You can find out just how they did it over at Family Fun, I did it pretty similar..
But used a few different candy than they did.
 The "sand" was crushed up vanilla wafers.
 The "treasure chest" was made from two mini snickers, 
vanilla frosting (with yellow food coloring), and eatable decorator pearls.
 The volcano was made from a kit kat bar, the same yellow colored vanilla frosting,
and for the red, I just took ordinary sugar and added red food coloring.
 The palm trees are actually sour patch kids and a tooth pick.
The "X" marks the spot is also a sour patch kid that I rolled flat and cut to shape.
The dotted lines are made from cut up twizzler's pull and peal.
 The fishy cupcakes was a last minute idea I had come up with and decided to go for.
 I used vanilla frosting & blue food coloring.
The fish candy are Swedish Fish, and again I used the eatable decorator pearls for "bubbles".
I had SO much fun with this party theme, and everyone LOVED my cake and cupcakes.
So worth all the work!
I will be sharing the rest of the party and the snack table goodies tomorrow!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bean Bag Toss Pirate Theme Makeover

 To date, one of the most POPULAR posts on this blog so far has been 
the DIY Bean Bag Toss, The Daddy and I made a last year for Kiah's Birthday party.
So I thought it would be fun to share the little makeover I gave it for Brucey's party this year!

Brucey's party was PIRATE themed! 
So I wanted to give the bean bag toss a treasure map feel.
{This} was my inspiration for how I wanted to paint it.

I didnt take many before and after paintings, because all I had on me was my cell.
And my cell phone was almost dead.
But all I did was spray paint the BBT with white primer to get it back to a "clean canvas".
Then started painting out the scene!
 It was surprisingly easy to paint this pirate treasure map scene,
only took me about 2 1/2 hours. :)
And it was totally worth it to have a cute CUSTOM game for his party!
Below you see Zander standing next to it, to give an idea of size.
He was out playing and riding his bike while I was painting. :)
 Today, I was able to grab my good camera and get some better pictures.
Here is a better close up look at the details.

 And here is Zander once again... Playing and enjoying the game.

Well Ive got to go sort LOTS of party pictures!
Brucey's party was today and everyone had a BLAST!
I will try to share the pictures sometime this week, if not tomorrow. :)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Zander's Interview

 My kids are growing so much everyday.
There is so much I hope I never forget.
So much I want to remember about them at each age...
But I can be such a forgetful Momma, with 3 kids there is so much to remember.
So I decided to interview them!
I am hoping to do an interview with them each year, from now on.
Today I'm sharing Zander's interview.

 What is your favorite color? 
What do you want to be when you grow up? 
"uuuhhhh BIG"
What is your favorite toy? 
A Cowboy Hat, kangaroo, my dinosaur
Who is your best friend? 
What is your favorite thing to do outside? 
Play on my quad
What is your favorite thing to do with mommy/daddy? 
 Mommy: When you read to me. Daddy: I like when he wrestles with me and we go boom!
 What is your favorite book? 
Go Go Bobo, Momins Little Book of Numbers, Green Eggs and Ham
Whats your favorite food?  
mac n cheese
Whats your favorite song?
  twinkle twinkle little star, and Jesus Loves Me
What do you love about Kiah and Brucey? 
 I love them so much!
What is love: 
Being ok
If you could be an animal, which would you be and why? 
 A dinosaur because I would say ROAR and I would try to scare you!
What do you like to do for fun?  
Play on the play park by myself because Brucey wont play with me.

(Aww poor sweet little buddy, he is so cute.)


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