Friday, March 23, 2012

Zander Through The Years

I was thinking about Zander's birthday and how he is THREE now.
Thinking back to when we first moved into our home here, he was only 5 months old!
Its hard to believe how much he has grown in such a short time....
I couldn't help but reminisce over some old photos, and share them here.

Here he is when we first moved into our house, here in RB.
He was 5 months old, was already crawling, and he has just learned how to sit up on his own.

 Swimming in our pool. Zander LOVES the water.
 Zander and Daddy
 This is Zander at 9 months old, when he first started walking!
He has always been (and still is) SUCH a fast learner.

 This pic below is one of my fav pics of him, its always reminded me of Ryan Gosling, for some reason. :)

 The boys... all got a hair cut.

 My handsome little man!!
 He was snuggling with me in the morning. ♥
 He was about a year and a half here.
 He wanted to ride the big Quad.
 Happier on the big quad. LOL

Here he is age 2.
 He's got SUCH a fun personality!
 Love him SO much!

Kids are SUCH an adventure. 
They grow so fast... right before your eyes.
Even one month makes a HUGE difference!
I just love looking back and seeing how much they have grown, its astonishing sometimes.
I cant believe my baby boy is 3. 

Zanders 3rd Birthday Party Pictures

March 13th My Baby Boy turned 3 years old.
We had a small party for him with just family.
We got him a bike this year! He loves it so far.. but I haven't gotten any pictures of him on it yet.
 He was so sweet, he got excited over every gift he got.
Oh and ah-ing and Woohoo-ing. It was so cute!
 Yes, he even got excited about new clothes. ♥
A few days before his party I took him with me to go pick out a cake.
We looked through the WHOLE cake design book and it was down to Nemo, or Lightening McQueen.
He ended up going with Nemo.
And it was the cutest thing, he was wondering why we left that day without getting his cake.
So I told him, we will come back and get your cake on Sunday after church for your party ok?
He said ok, and each day after that reminded me.
"Momma, we get my nemo cake Sunday for my derday!?"
I'd say yes of course! And he would say Yay! 
haha He was just SO excited about it, and being able to pick out his own. ♥
 He was pretty happy about getting to lick the candles too.
 Sweet Little Thing.

Happy Birthday Zander!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dora In The Dark

Zander and I are up early today. Around 5:45 Zander woke up crying, not feeling good. He was feeling warm, and said his forehead hurt. So I got him some medicine, stripped him of his jammies, and got him ice water, a light blanket and his pillow pet, so he could relax and watch some Dora.
Since he was obviously not going to be going back to bed.  Poor little guy.
Of course, now he has ditched his blanket and is snuggling next to me at I type.
Which is nice, we get some extra snuggle time. ♥
 He is so sweet, I feel so bad he is suddenly not feeling good. Especially today, since today is his 3rd Birthday! I told him that, and he said "OH! I am three." ♥ Fortunately we are not doing his party until Sunday... so hopefully he will be feeling better by then. But any extra prayers for him today would be wonderful! Well I better be off, Zander just said "Ow, my belly. Momma, I want something for eat". ;) I love the way he talks.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Mommy Made Oobleck! {Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss}

As most parents of school aged children know, today is Dr. Seuss's Birthday!
Brucey told me today, they got to play with oobleck today in class
among  several other Dr. Seuss themed activities!

I was in class with Kiah today, so I missed out on all that.
And Kiah said she wished she could have played with oobleck.
So I told her I knew how to make it and we could play with some at home....
Since it IS Dr. Seuss' birthday today and all... its only suiting that we celebrate! :)
Now in case you dont know what oobleck is, 
Its a fun and silly substance that is both a solid AND a liquid!!
Its hard when you squeeze it or apply pressure, 
but "melts" and acts like liquid when you leave it in your hand.
Its SO fun and fascinating to play with... even for a momma!
And if you dont know why we are making oobleck on honor of Dr. Seuss, well its because
 Oobleck gets its name from the Dr. Seuss book Bartholomew and the Oobleck. 
Which is a book where a gooey green substance, Oobleck, fell from the sky and wreaked havoc in the kingdom.

If you would like to MAKE your own oobleck, its extremely EASY!
You only need 2 ingredients:
2 Parts Corn Starch
1 Part water

I used 2 cups of corn starch, and 1 cup of water.
Now you can also add some food coloring if you would like to give it a certain color.
Brucey told us oobleck was green, so it HAD to be green!

Zander was a little iffy about the stuff.
It took him a few minutes before he would touch it!
Then when he did, he would make a face and ask for a napkin. :)
Haha little cutie.

I thought it was fun to play with!

Have you ever made oobleck before!?
Did you do anything fun to celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday??



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