Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This Winter has been a strange one.
Very warm for winter, even for a California winter!
Last night, though, it was insanely windy.
It started raining, and the lights flickered a few times.
I thought we might lose power!
I had a hard time sleeping, the wind and rain was so loud.
I ended up not hearing my alarm clock, sleeping in and waking up at 7:08 instead of 6:20.
It was a rush to get the kids ready and to the bus stop on time at 7:22!
The morning was very chilly and the clouds were still dark, everything was still wet outside.
I thought it would be dark and dreary all day.

Surprisingly, though, the sun came out for a few hours to brighten the day.
So Zander and I were able to venture out to play for a little bit.
He loves it outside, and though I am not much of an "outdoorsy" person,
I love being with him and watching him play and explore.
It was so nice, after having such a hectic morning and bad night.
It was a nice reminder to me to be thankful for the "storms" in life,
because they help me to appreciate the times of "sunshine", and not take them for granted.

2 Samuel 23:4 (NIV)

" he is like the light of morning at sunrise
   on a cloudless morning,
like the brightness after rain
   that brings grass from the earth.’"

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birthday Girl (Outfit Post)

Today my little Princess turned 9!
For her birthday we decided to do something small and more personal.
She invited a few close friends, for a sleep over.
They got all dressed up just for the fun of it.
I took them all out to a movie, we had pizza they played the kinnect,
and  stayed up late talking and giving each other make overs. ♥
Cutest thing ever.
Kiah loved it and said she wanted to do the same thing next year for her b-day.

Since the girls were getting all dressed up I did Kiah's hair and makeup.
She got to wear her gorgeous new dress from, my sister, her Aunty Mona!
And I of course had to take a few pics of her modeling it.

Stunning little thing, isn't she?

Hope Necklace (Another b-day gift from Mona): Maurices
Giant Rosette Bobby Pin: Agape Love Boutique
Dress: Ross, Shoes: Payless Shoes, Cardy: Thrifted
If you want, you can see more from Kiah's Birthday Photo Shoot on my other blog {here}!

I also had to take a few pics of Kiah's friends. ♥
Meet the Friends... This is Katelyn & Jasmin
Jasmin is actually Kiah's cousin (Mona's daughter)
And they call each other "Best Frousins" (Think Friend & Cousins combined) too cute!

Sierra & Megan

All the girls...

Little Beauties!!

Excited to go out on the town!

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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Tonight as I sit here thinking about Kiah, Bruce and Zander, I am just so thankful for them.
The blessings that they are.
I am lucky to be their mother. 
 Every day is something new with them.
I love learning more about them, watching them learn about themselves.
They are so beautiful to me, (can be some trouble at times), 
but at night looking at them sleep so peaceful... Like little angels.
Part of me cant wait to see them grow up and see how they will turn out.
At the same time, I need time to slow down so I can savor this time longer.
Time has been going by all too fast. 
 This month for instance has gone by all too quickly!
Didnt the year just start?
Kiah will be 9, {NINE!!!} on the 28th!!
Zander will be 3 on March 13...
And Bruce will be 6, come April 29th.



So since time wont slow down I'm just going to soak it all in, 
as much as I can, this blessing called being a Momma.
And pray my memory (and camera) wont fail me any time soon!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Puppy Love

It never fails.
If its a weekend, and I let the kids stay up "late", Brucey is always the first to fall asleep.
He just passes right out!
It makes sense, he is SO active during the day.
He plays so hard.
There is hardly a moment he isnt moving, talking, doing SOMETHING, making some kind of noise.
Some times it drives me nuts. I like things calm and quiet.
But at the same time I love that about him.
He is just like The Daddy in that way.
We named him perfectly, in that aspect. ;)

Tonight Bruce asked if he could play with Mini (our dog) in his room.
I told him yes, a little while later I noticed it was unusually quiet.
So I went to check on him....
Sweet little thing. Totally passed out. Snuggled up with Mini.
The sight totally Made.My.Night. Sweet little love bug. ♥

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Little Reader

Zander is my little reader.
He loves being read to, and he even loves reading all by himself too.
He will bring out several books from his collection, surround himself with them, 
then stack them up one by one as he finishes reading or looking through them.
This brings such JOY to my heart. My little book worm. 
He even has a few books memorized.. which I think is pretty great for a 2 year old!
His favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham.
He never gets tired of listening to it, and looking at the pictures.
Which is fine with me, its a fun book and I enjoy reading it to him.
As do most people he brings the book to, while climbing in their lap expectantly.
(As he did last summer to a dear friend of mine, Becca. Last photo).

What a blessing it is to be a Momma. 
To get to watch a person grow, and learn.
Getting to know my kids every day is so exciting.
I am excited to see the man Zander will become, what he will do.
He is so smart, and also very talented.
From even a very early age I could tell he would make for a great actor.
He is very dramatic in everything he says and does... its surprising sometimes.
You dont expect a 2 year old to act like he does sometimes.. My little actor.
But he also sings, and sings very well! I love it, my little singer!
And back to my little reader... goodness he has such a thirst for knowledge.
I am in awe of him sometimes, I just know what ever his path, God is going to use him for great things!
My little blessing.
But, of course, I do believe this of all my children, call me partial. ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quadruple French Braid Pony Tail Tutorials

Today I have a fun hair style sort of Tutorial for you!
I used to do this to my younger sisters hair when we were in high school.
Well I was bored, and decided to do it to Kiah's hair, and for fun take some pics to share and inspire you!

So basically what this is, is 4 french braids coming to the center of the head and making a pony tail!
Its really cute, but just takes a little bit of time and patience, for both persons involved. ;)
You will need 4 small rubber bands and one big pony tail holder.
Oh right, AND the ability to french braid hair!

Step 1: Part hair straight down the middle.
Step 2: Part the parts, into 4 equal sections and tie off.
Step 3: Let down one section...

Step 4: French braid first section towards the middle of the head, secure with little ribber band.
Step 5: Let down and french braid the next section towards the center of the head & secure with rubber band.
Step 6: Have the person turn around with head facing downward in your lap (on a pillow).
And repeat steps 1-5!

Step 7: You should have all 4 sections french braided all leading to the center of the head.
Step 8: Gather all the "tails" of the braids to the center and secure with the pony tail holder.
Step 9: Admire such a cute braided pony tail!!

This is such a cute, fun, funky and interesting hair style that will get lots of attention! ♥

Dont you just love it??

What do you think?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Kiah Wore {Walmart Fashion}

When I was a kid/teen Walmart clothes we totally un-cool.
If you wore a Walmart brand you were made fun of. :(
Thinking about that now, it seems so ridiculous!

Even though for a long time I still wasnt a huge fan of Walmart "fashion" for my own kids,
(I much more prefer clothes from "Tarjay", always thought they were way cuter) 
I  must say clothes from Walmart have come a long way.

This outfit was picked out by one of my sisters, and Kiah totally loved it!
The shoes were hand me downs, but also from Walmart (Hannah Montana Collection).

 Shirt, Jeans, Shoes: Walmart, Necklace: The {Posh} Daisy

Isnt she just cute as a button.
My little model. ♥

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P.S.S. This is NOT a sponsored post. Just having fun showing off some of Kiah's new clothes. ;)


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