Monday, January 30, 2012

Facebook, 100 Followers And Giveaway News

I've finally made the decision to start a facebook page just for Mommy Made! 
Yay. :)
So if you are on facebook, connect with me there. 
Check out my photo albums for Mommy Made's most popular posts,
as well as my own personal favs!
I'll also be adding more fun photos of the kids and activities that have not made it to the blog.

Also, we are SO close to 100 followers here on the blog!
I am so excited! :)
And to celebrate I am preparing an awesome group giveaway, just to say thanks. 

So spread the word and help Mommy Made reach 100 sooner! :)

Also, if you like Mommy Made, find me on Top Baby Blogs and vote for me!
Currently im #669.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012


I love my Saturdays.
Saturdays are the ONLY days I get to "sleep in".
Of course being a momma I dont REALLY get to sleep in.
The kids usually wake up early and always want to eat right away.
Which means they are waking ME up early too.
But Saturdays are the only days I dont HAVE to get up early for anything.
Sundays I wake up early for Church. Monday through Friday I wake myself up at 6:20 am.

So I enjoy Saturdays a lot.
Even if I'm only sleeping in until 7:30 or 8:00.
But I must confess today... Today I slept in until 11:00!!!

Wow. Yes. I slept in till just about noon.
Hard to believe.
I wasn't bothered, I wasn't abruptly awaken by a child needing breakfast, or cartoons on or help with anything!
I just SLEPT.
Amazing. A total guilty pleasure that I thoroughly enjoyed... As it is SUCH a rare thing.

When I woke up I was just slightly concerned.
Either someone had stolen the kids for ransom or the house would be a complete disaster, I was sure of it.
However when I reached the living room, this is what I found that had kept the kids so busy.
Too busy in fact, to bother Mommy.

Blanket Forts:

Most days I might have been irritated by the slight mess in the living room.
Most days I might even have made them rush to clean it up.
But today I was thankful.
Thankful for imagination... And cute little faces!

Thankful for kids in good moods and a good long (much needed) sleep!

Thankful for an 8 year old wonderfully helpful daughter who got herself and the boys breakfast.

Thankful for my little beauty and two little handsomes!

So instead of rushing the clean up. I grabbed my camera and captured a wonderful memory.
After that I got on the floor and checked out their new little "homes".
Then got up and made breakfast for lunch (mmm blueberry pancakes!).
Kiah named her fort "Kiah's Perfect Palace".

And I named this, the "Perfect LAZY Saturday".

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! ;)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

In A Mommy's World....Silence

You know the phrase "Silence is Golden"?
Well In a Mommy's World, Silence is NOT always golden.
Silence is TROUBLE!

If you're a momma, you know exactly what I am talking about.
Kids are LOUD little creatures.
And though I want to CHERISH the few times during the day when I can have silence,
from naps and what not, for the most part silence is trouble.

Chances are when kids are playing in the room "silently" they are usually up to no good.
I can recall one time when Bruce was about 2 and I used to baby sit another little boy his same age.
Those two were best friends and played together pretty wonderfully.
Anyways... one day when I thought they were just playing so greatly it turns out I was way wrong!
They had sneaked into the fridge and smuggled a carton of eggs to their rooms.
When it finally hit me that they were being TOO quiet I went to go check on them.
I found them dancing around a bunch of smashed eggs in the carpet!

Silence is trouble!
And sometimes, silence can be a little SCARY!

Well today I had a fun little scare.
Zander was supposed to be cleaning his room.
For a while I tried to make it FUN.
I got him excited about doing certain parts of the cleaning.
Like I'd ask him in a real excited voice "Can you find me all the garbage!?"
And he would say "YEAAAAHHH"
He'd come running out with a handful of paper or random garbage from his room 
and say "Momma I put dis in da babage!"
And I would say "YAY!! Good job Buddy!"

After a while Zander started losing his enthusiasm to clean up and I was too.
I was cleaning, cleaning, cleaning too... and I just was feeling too tired to keep up the energy to get him excited.
So finally The Daddy Stepped in and told Zander he needed to get to his room and clean it up!
Zan ran off crying.

He was crying for some time.
And finally it got quiet.
When I realized he wasn't crying anymore and was being extremely quiet I went to check on him.
This is what I found:
 And empty room! I said his name and go no reply.
Again a little louder "Zander, where are you!"
I was instantly in a panic.
All kinds of bad situations ran through my mind in an instant.
You know the panic that us Mommas get... you think of ALL THE WORST things that could happen.

I was about to freak out.
Then I stopped and came to my senses. I walked further into the room.
Again no Answer.

After looking around I notice something....Aha!

Why he was under his bed, or sleeping on his hand?
I have no clue..

But my goodness, isnt he the most beautifully handsome sleeping boy ever!?

Oh how I LOVE him.
Ok so maybe he wasnt as MUCH "trouble" as his older brother has been when he was being "silent".
But his silence sure did give me a BIG scare even if just for a moment!

What kind of "trouble" have you found from your kids' silence?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Girls Be Mine Valentines Day Shirt

Yesterday I shared how I made Bruce's No Sew Heart Breaker tee-shirt refashion for Valentines Day.
Today I would like to share with you the shirt I made for Kiah, for V-Day.

I saw this idea originally on this months Family Fun Magazine.
But of course I put my own little spin on it.

~Plain White tee shirt (Family Fun Mag used red & pink shirts)
~Red or Pink Puff Paint (FFM used white)
~Heart Shaped Paper Doily
~Foam Brush
~Card Board

STEP ONE: Stick the card board between the shirt to protect from the paint.

STEP TWO: Stick some tape to the back center of the doily and position it on the front of the shirt.

STEP THREE: Using the foam brush slowly dab the puff paint over the doily holes.

STEP FOUR: Once you have dabbed paint all the way around, carefully pull up the doily.
You will be left with a lovely "lace like" heart print on the shirt!

STEP FIVE: Now here is where I added my own spin on it. I thought it looked a little too plain with just the one empty heart. So I added "Be Mine" to the middle.

Definitely way cuter!
Now just let dry over night.

And it looks totally fabulous!
The perfect little valentines day outfit.
Headband is from Vintage Wanna Bee.

So simple and so cute.
Kiah LOVED it, and I do too. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

No Sew Boys Heart Breaker Tee-Shirt Refashion

I'm planning on taking special pictures of the kids for their Valentines.
I wanted each of them to look super cute!
Girls are so easy to "dress up" for Valentines day.
Anything with lace, ruffles, hearts or glitter will do.
Boys on the other hand can be a little harder, there isnt a big market for "cutesy" boy clothes for V-day. 
So Mommy Made him a special shirt for Bruce for Valentines day!
Its so simple YOU TOO can make one for your little heart breaker!

Step 1: Use paper to cut out a heart, and cut a zig zag through it to make it "break"
Step 2: Place it on the shirt to get an idea of the size in case you need to trim it down. 
Also make sure you have enough red fabric. There should be at least a 1/4 inch past the heart on each side.
Step 3: Remove red fabric and pin down your heart template to front of shirt and trace with pencil.
Step 4: Cut a hole in the middle of one side of heart, then continue to cut around pencil lines.
Do the same for the other side of the heart.

Step 5: Turn shirt inside out, and place cardboard between shirt to protect from sticking together!
Step 6:  Add liquid stitch, do only one side at a time to ensure no folding.
Step 7: Carefully add the red fabric (one side at a time)
Step 8: Trim excess red fabric, leave and let dry for about 30 minutes.

Step 9: Flip right side out
Step 10: Grab Puff Paint and Decorate I thought adding a "stitched" look would be cool and rugged. 
But you can get created and design it how you want! :)
Step 11: Add your word(s) let dry over night!

My handsome little man! :)
We thought it looked a little more "manly" with the layered shirt look.
So he just threw on a long sleeve shirt to go under, but I am sure black would look good too.

Come back tomorrow to see the special Valentine's Day shirt I made for Kiah!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dinosaur Magnets - A Kid Friendly Project!

 Last Night Kiah went on a date with The Daddy.
So I planned a fun little craft to do with the boys!

I already had all these supplies on hand but everything can be found at 
Dollar Tree or Walmart for a reasonable price!

1. Wood Shape Cut outs (found these dino shapes at dollar tree!)
2. Paint Brushed (Dollar Tree)
3. Acrylic Paint (walmart)
4. Puff Paint (Mine were from walmart but Ive seen some at $tree too!)
5. Super Glue (Dollar Tree)
6. Magnets (Walmart)

Step One: Pick a Color and Paint wood cut out.

Both the boys did so well painting!
I love how cute Zander looked holding his dino so precisely. :)

Brucey isnt as delicate a painter, but he did a wonderful job with his! :)

Step 2: Let dry for about 10-15 minutes.
The boys didnt want to be so patience about waiting. 
So to pass the time, we cleaned up the table, washed the brushed, put away the acrylic paint and washed our hands.

Step 3: Use Puff Paint to add some details

Bruce added his name to one, "My Sis" to another and spots to the other two.

Zander did lots of spots and squiggles.
But he was especially proud of himself when he put two small eyes on the yellow dino!
He excited exclaimed "Momma Yook ah my dy-ah-saur eyes!"
He did eyes on the purpleish looking one too. 
(its actullay brown.. im not sure why it looks purple in this pic)

Step 4: Add some super glue to a magnet and stick a dino on top!
(I of course made these two purple ones)

Step 5: Stick to the fridge and enjoy!
BTW thats Zanders Christmas tree and thats Bruce's tiger!
My little artists!! :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Little Miss Popular!

Friday's I go to School with Kiah. :)
Kiah is amazing.
She is one of the smartest kids in her class.
She is very friendly and so popular!
She is totally the opposite of me at that age in that sense; "Popular".

I went to this very same school when I was her age.
In fact, I actually had the very same teacher that she has now!
Crazy, right?
But what I remember about that playground, that very same black top...?
Walking around alone, playing by myself. A shy girl, who didn't quite fit in. That was me.

Seeing Kiah with all her friends makes me smile.
I am so happy with her. I am so glad she is the opposite of me.
I am so glad she is outgoing and fun.

I love seeing her surrounded by all her friends with their silly hats and stuffed animals.
They all have their "inside jokes" and stories and silly songs that they get excited to share with me.
haha It's really cute. Ah to be young. ;)
It warms my heart, Kiah tells me that everyone loves me and 
gets excited when they know I am coming to class with her!
So, I wasn't popular when I was little, but now I am popular with the littles.
Kiah tells me she loves it the most when I come to class with her, 
goodness she is so precious, but really its ME who loves it the most. ♥

Do you go to classes with your kids?
Are your kids just like you, or the total opposite?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

School Lunch Drama

Just about every Thursday I go to school with Brucey.
Somedays I bring a lunch, other days I buy a lunch.
Today I didn't do either.
It was kind of a rushed Morning so I didn't have time to prepare something 
and I didn't have any cash on hand to buy a lunch today.
No big deal though, I can deal with going with out food for a few hours.
I usually eat a late lunch anyways... some days I don't even eat lunch.

But when it came to lunch time my stomach was growling.
I could have left to grab something at the store real quick.
But Brucey gets so emotional if I try to leave. 
He wanted me to stay with him, so I did. 
I sat with all the other kindergarteners at the lunch table.
Brucey talked and played and ate. 
He held my hand too and smiled at me, he was so happy I was there with him.
He is always excited when I go to school with him. :)

Now I always tell him to try to eat everything from his lunch, because we pay (full price) for his lunch and it gets expensive, so I don't want him to waste any!
Today he did a great job, he ate all of his food.. except the grilled cheese.
He tried, he did his best.
He said I will try, but he just didn't like theirs.
He split it in half and took a several bites then said he was full.
There was more than half left.
He asked, "Mommy, do you want to have it?"

I DID want to have it. haha I was hungry still.
But I couldn't have it. I was not ALLOWED to!
Yeah... that's right, I was told that I was not allowed to eat his food.

On the very first day I volunteered in class for Bruce I didnt think I would stay until lunch time.
Most parents stay until right before lunch, then leave. Some stay, but most go home at that point.
Bruce of course wanted me to stay. But I wasnt prepared. 
I didn't have a lunch or cash on hand!
I didn't mind, I actually wasn't that hungry on that day.
But a similar thing happened that day.
Brucey finished all of his lunch except for half of his chicken sandwich.
He liked it, but he was just full. 
He said, "Here, Momma, can you eat this, I'm too full."
I thought well why not. Its better than it going to waste!

Two bites into the sandwich and I was approached by one of the lunch ladies.
The conversation went something like this:
Lunch Lady: I'm sorry, but you are not allowed to eat the kids' lunches.
(She didn't sound really sorry, she sounded kind of harsh.)
Me: (confused) Oh, this is my son.
Lunch Lady: That may be, but the state says this is the required amount of food for school children.
I cant have you eating his food. You are welcome to purchase a lunch for yourself though.
Me: (with a lump in my throat) Oh ok.

She walked and I put the sandwich back down on his tray, TO BE THROWN AWAY!
I felt hot. I got tears in my eyes that I immediately tried to dry up,

I was a mixture of embarrassed and totally PISSED off!

Words stirred up inside of me and I had wished I had told the lady off.
Of course I didn't want to cause a scene, so I didn't.
But I was beyond frustrated!

"I am welcome to purchase a lunch"
Oh right, cause the one I  already purchased for my son should go to waste?

I wanted to get angry and tell her that I am the one who pays for my sons lunch... not the damn state!
And if I didn't want it to go to the GARBAGE then I would eat what I want since I, after all, PAID for it!

But I never said a thing. And since then I have brought my own lunch, or brought money.
Except for today.
If you're curious, no, I didn't finish his sandwich today. 
I didn't want to "get in trouble" or START any.. cause if that lady said something to me again,
I just might unleash. Which I wouldn't really be right for me to do in the long run.
So I came home and blogged about it instead. ;) 
I shouldn't let it even get to me, and if anything I could just talk to the principal or something.
Its just a little frustration. I wonder if any of you have experienced something like this?
Or what your thoughts are about it?

I mean I can see the other side, if its a state paid lunch, fine I get that.
And I am sure they cant make exceptions cause who wants to sit and check EVERY ones lunch status.
But I just felt like she was rude, and it upset me how she said "the kids' lunches."
As if I were just picking off all of their plates!? Ugh... 
Anyways... I'm done now, I promise.

P.S. On a lighter note...
I found this earlier on Pinterest and thought it was fitting. 

Its always best to end on a laugh right?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Its The Thought That Counts

A few nights ago, Brucey thought it would be the greatest thing if he could "clean" my toenails for me.
After he was finished he got a little smile on his face.
"Momma, can I..... paint your toenails?"
"Oh, no buddy, I don't think that's a very good idea."
"Please, Momma! I'll do a good job! PLEASE?"
I didnt really want to deal with him getting paint all over my toes, or making a mess, 
or walking around with an "ugly pedicure". But he just seemed so cute and excited.
So I said,
"hmmm... oh alright, I don't mind. Sure... go ahead!"

He was thrilled I said yes, and had a big smile on his face!
Then he got a seriously look, cause he was down to business.

 He wanted to do different colors and made sure to ask what my favorite color was so he could include it.
Sweet little Buddy. I love him so much.

The Verdict?

Well, just see for yourself:

Not too bad. He did pretty well keeping on the nail. The big toes are borderline ugly. lol
But it was very loving & thoughtful. :)
And that's what counts right?

So I thought I would remove the polish shortly after, but decided "eh,who really looks at my feet."
The next night at my women's bible study... just about everyone noticed them! HAHA

But they all "aww'd" when I told them why they looked so "fun". ;)


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