Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Helping The Needy

Kiah is on the Student council at school, and the student council put together a can food drive at their school to donate to the even bigger can food drive through Salvation Army!
They brought in a whole truck load of food to donate.
So they all go to go and drop it off, and even be on the local news!
Which is pretty exciting.
But to me, what is more exciting is to see these kids so happy to help be apart of something GOOD.
Being a help to others.
A mother could not be any more proud, than the mothers of these sweet little students!
They did awesome!
I was hoping the news would have a video on their website of the little bit they shot of the kids...
But couldnt find anything to share on here with you. :(
Also, I only had my cell phone on me, wish I had remembered my camera to get better photos.
 But oh well... These work. :)
How cute are they!?


  1. So proud of her! Salvation Army is an amazing organization and she is an amazing kid. Give her a big hug from Grandma Sherri :)

  2. Way to go Kiah!!! I'm so proud of you!!!


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