Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments!

Last night I attended my church's ladies Christmas Pot Luck and ornament exchange.
Well we had only come home the night before, from our anniversary vacation, 
so I didn't have time to pick out a lovely ornament to bring!

I had a couple hours before it was time to go, and I thought to myself...
'I can try to make something real quick!'
So I went to my craft room and started looking around....
I saw some green felt, my jar of buttons and I thought of Christmas.....

Well then this quick idea came to mind, so I ran to grab my camera, 
so I could share a little 'how to' in case they turned out good.

Well I thought they turned out very cute, and they were a big hit at the party.
So I decided to share! These are so simply, and fun to make.
Even the kids would love to help, and you can create a variety of different looks, 
depending on the buttons and felt you use!

So if you are looking for a fun Christmas craft to do with the kids,
or are looking for a quick last minute ornament for YOUR exchange... 
Look no further! Ive got you covered. ;)

 Supplies needed:
-Felt. I used two different greens to make it pop.
-Hot glue/gun
-Needle & Thread (I used green)
-Buttons (faux pearls would even be perfect for a 3D look!)
-Thin Ribbon

I didn't get pictures before cutting & gluing the felt.
It was at this point that I decided to grab my camera! HA
But I pretty much drew 'triangle' layers that got wider and wider.
Layered the different colored felt, and the glued the together.
Only use a small line of glue for each layer, so you can still sew through them!

Now I actually sewed on each of the buttons...
But if you prefer you can also just glue them on too.

A view of the back, after I was done sewing.
Since I didn't feel like creating a knot with the thread, I just cut it and used glue to keep it in place!

Next, add your loop....

Now you have a completed, sweet little felt ornament!
 I made two, since Kiah was going with me!
 Some up close details!

I packaged them with small brown bags, a heart doily, white yarn,
and some cute flat back buttons I had on hand. Simple, but cute!
 Decided to add a candy cane as a bonus! ♥

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