Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stories By Zander

Zander likes to tell stories.
He is actually really great at it.
I love his imagination and how he uses people, things and events from real life to mix in with his imagination and stories.
I thought it would be a good idea to start recording his stories to share with him when he is older.
As well as with friends and family since he often includes them in his stories.
Not to mention they are just so cute and fun!
So, today I am sharing two stories that Zander has shared with us.
These are actual stories that he has told me and I have written them just as they have come out of his mouth.

Story #1

There was a brave and happy knight names me (Zander).
Then Ia bad guy took Princess Kiah.
Then I saved her from the bad guy.

Then there was a scary piggy.
The scary piggy was in a cave.
Then he followed me and he was a happy pig, because I gave him a piggy toy.
Then I made a castle for him.

And I called Kiah but she didnt come.
(Looking at Kiah)Then finally you come.
And we played on the merry for round, and I made a tower for us.

Then Brucey came and there was a doggy named Mini and mini ran away.
Then you and you and you and me and daddy went to my castle.
Then Mini came back to our house.

Then we made a mud puddle for the piggy and Kiah played with the piggy and his toys.
Then Mommy came and I took her phone.
Then there was a light and I ate my food and took a drink.

Then a Spider came, it was dark outside.
So it was bed time in my castle.
But I was lost...

Knight Aunty Mona found me.
Knight Aunty Mona helped me find Princess Kiah and we had to go to bed.

The End.

Story #2

Once upon a time...

There was a King & Queen. (Points to Bruce & Kiah)

Then a bad guy got Princess Kiah and I was a knight and I saved her.
I beat up the bad guy, he fell in a mud puddle and died.

Then somebody came... (said in a creepy voice)

It was a MONSTER.
The monster broke my castle and went stomp stomp stomp ROAR!!!!
We got the monster and Kiah helped me fix my castle with my tools.

Then somebody came again.
It was mommy and she was a pig.
Then I got lost.
Aunty Mona came to help Kiah find me.
I was in rainy forest.
They lead me straight to the castle.

Then Mini ran away but Uncle Leland help us find her.
Then someone ELSE came to the castle.

It was 10 angry red fish.
The angry red fish got me and pushed me into the river!
But then they werent angry anymore, they were nice fish now.

Now, BOWZER came.
He threw fire at me with his mouth.
He was SO BIG!
I threw fire at him.

Then I got flying powers.
And Daddy and Brucey and Mommy and me got into the game.
And they saved me.

That's the end of my story.

I just love these.
He is such a silly kid.
But I adore his stories, and watching his facial expression,
and listening to his vocal fluctuation as he gets into it.

And just to clarify, he often watches Brucey playing Mario on the Wii, Bowser is his favorite (aside from toad the little mushroom guy) and so Bowser is often the bad guy of most of his own stories.

About the little dog "Mini", well he is right on about her.
We DID have a sweet little dog, and we lost her. :( We have all be super sad about that.
And I think this is one way he remembers her, I love that about him.


  1. I love stories from little ones. They get so into telling and don't care if it doesn't have a traditional plot or setting or anything that they have to worry about as they get older. It's so fun to get a peek into their little minds.

  2. That kid is too funny. I miss him and Princess Kiah and Prince Brucey and the mommy and the daddy too. Thanks for sharing it helps me stay connected.

  3. Zander is so adorable and sounds like a lot of fun!
    I'm stopping by from The DIY Dreamer.Thanks!

  4. how stinking cute is this! Love this idea..
    I'm saying Hi from the diydreamer!

  5. I love decorating, Christmas music, and spending time with family!

    Sparkles and Shoes


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