Friday, October 26, 2012


Zander is an eager learner!
Ive mentioned before that I was teaching him how to spell his name.
So for the last couple of months he has been excitedly telling me "Z-Day-N-D-E-R, dat pell my name momma?"

For some reason he just cant get "A" right... so its "day".
But that just makes my heart happy.
He doesnt need to be growing up THAT fast.
I still enjoy his quirky baby talkin' ways!

Well once he got his spelling his name out loud, down, I decided maybe, it was time for him to try to write it out.
He loves a clean piece of paper to write or draw on.
So I figured he would love trying to write his name.
So I started writing his name out for him to show him what his letters look like.

Since then he had been excitedly recognizing HIS letters everywhere.
On the keyboard, in the books we read; "MOMMA, dat my "Z" right dere!?!"

I would write his name in a yellow high lighter on a piece of paper, and tell him to trace over it.
So that he could get used to writing his letters.
Then I would just write it and see if he would copy is underneath.

He has been doing amazing!
There are a couple photos in {this post} where you can see how he has been practicing either tracing my writing or writing it underneath my writing....

WELL, just last week he asked if he could color with some chalk outside.
I said yes, and let him play right on the steps in front of our sliding glass door, where I could see him as I worked on a few things in the house.
Next thing I know he is calling for me.
"Momma yook at my name!"

And what did I find?
He has not only memorized how to spell his name out loud, but how to WRITE his own name!
I was jumping up and down and hugged him and we both got all excited!

He was writing it over and over, so I had him write it out again so that I could get pictures.
How precious is his little writing!?
He even remembered to tell me, that he remembered that "A" was a "cucul (circle) with a tail on it".
This is the kind of stuff that puts a big ole lump in my throat and brings tears to my eyes.

Smart little booger.
I am so proud.
I just love this amazing little man!
3 years old, and writing his name on his own.
He, as well as my other two kidlets really make this momma's heart FULL.
I am so blessed.


  1. WAY TO GO ZANDER!!! He's one smart little man!!

    I better show Emanuelle how to spell her name :)

  2. I love your blog! So glad I found it!
    I am your newest follower!

    Check out my blog and follow back if you'd like!

  3. How cute. What a happy milestone for you and Zander. I'll bet you'll really cherish these photos. Congrats on your little smartie Zander! Thanks for linking up with me, Maria.


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