Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Package Pals

Last month one of my sweet bloggy besties, Andrea of Shabby Kitteh 
messaged me with a fun idea she had come up with!

She had said her daughter always noticed how she got packages and fun stuff in the mail, 
so she thought it might be fun to set something up for her to get a fun package too.
With our daughters being so close in age, she asked me if we would be interested in a package swap.

As soon as I heard this I was IN, and knew Kiah would be too!
She too ooohhhs and awwws over all the fun mail and packages I get.

So we swapped mailing addresses, info about the girls interests and such, 
we decided a time frame and price range, and also came up with
 the fun name of "Package Pals".... Like pen pals only BETTER!

Kiah and I went to the store and I let her pick out a few items she thought her pal, Jesslyn, would like.
Kiah made her a bracelet, and picked through a few of my own handmade items from my shop to send.
She made her own card to send and even decided on packaging too.

After that, there was the excitement and anticipation of the wait!
When the package got to our home, Kiah was jumping up and down in excitement!
And of course we decided before hand we would get either pictures or video of the package opening.
We wanted to do video, but the house was a little chaotic, and we had to go outside for peace!
Ive only got a crummy web cam to use for filming... Otherwise there would have been video too.
Anyways, I got lots of fun pictures though, and you can really see how much she enjoyed her package!
This was SUCH a fun idea.
A great way for the kids to connect and bring back good old fashioned snail mail too!
I am thinking we will need to make this a regular maybe quarterly thing.
Have you ever done something like this for your kids?
Would you be interested in having your kids join in on a package pals swap if Andrea and I hosted one?


  1. yes I'd definitely be interested for my 7 yr old!

  2. AWWW her face is priceless! Her eyes on the magazine is HILARIOUS! Cutie pie...I am so bummed I missed the play by play with Jess. We filmed so I didn't get them...then we decided not to use the footage because she was hard to hear. I am so glad the girls did this. Thank you!

  3. Yes, I would love to get my daughter in on this. She is soon to be 9. Her bday is exactly one week before Christmas so she gets all of her gifts basically at the same time each year. Something like this just for fun but away from the holidays & her bday would be FANTASTIC! What a great idea! If you do another PLEASE let me know how to get in on it. I believe you're on to something big here. ;) Thx for the idea, it's fabulous.


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