Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zander's Love Language

Lightening McQueen Cars Hat c/o: Knotty Nani Boutique
Recently I talked a little about Love Language and shared Kiah's Love Language with you all. I got such wonderful feedback about that post. And I was so glad to share the site with you all. :)  I know many of those who read the post, took the test! Some of you shared. I would love to hear from more of you, though. :)

Today I am sharing Zander's Love Language.

Zander's Love Language:
1.) Quality Time
2.) Physical Touch
3.) Receiving Gifts
4.) Acts of Service
5.) Words of Affirmation

His number one turns out to be Quality Time! Which is perfect since we have actually been having TONS of time together lately. Since The Daddy is helping with his brother's new job now, he is gone most of the day. Kiah and Brucey are gone at school... So its just me and the Z-man. :)

I have actually been really enjoying this. Not that I don't like the others around, but its been nice. Quiet. And I can focus more on the quality, not just on the time. Might seem crazy, but I can get a lot more done without The Daddy, home all day with me. So I'm able to work and do my "mom chores" quickly. And with Kiah and Bruce at school, my attention doesn't have to be so divided.

I can focus on just Zander. Which is fair because both Bruce and Kiah have had their share of undivided attention and time with me. Kiah, because she was the first born, Brucey did while Kiah was in School. But since Zander has been born my attention and time with him has always been divided.The Daddy, who used to be a SGT in the Army, was injured in Iraq and medically retired. So with him being home all the time, things just were not the same.

ANYWAYS.... Now its just me and Z, Monday-Friday until about 3:30. So we get all kinds of quality time now. Sometimes that means playing cars and dinosaurs, or reading books. Sometimes that means playing outside and watching him ride his Lightening McQueen bike, sometimes its coloring or helping him learn to write - he is big into spelling his name and learning how to write it by himself! And sometimes its simply cuddling up on his bed or the couch with him and watching his favorite cartoons.

Which is also perfect since his 2nd top love language is physical touch. So we cuddle, he loves being close to me, holding my hands and giving me kisses. And I too cherish those. He is such a fun kid, a little different than most (I think) and I love that about him. I love getting to know him better. I love the quality time we spend together. I love his little personality and just being around him makes me happy and smile.

I encourage those who have not heard of the love languages or taken the test, to check it all out! Its not only fun to see how those you love, like to be loved, but its also so interesting to find out too.

For those who have taken the test, for yourself or your kids... What did you think? Were you surprised? Was it right on with what you thought it would be?

This will definitely open your mind to how you show love or love on your spouse/children. :) I know I definitely want to show my kids and husband love the way THEY perceive it now. ♥


  1. Love that hat! You're the second mama in a row whose post I've read and claimed they're child a snuggler. This mama is jealous right about now. So glad you are blessed right now to be able to give that little man all the quality time lovin' his heart cherishes. Awesome, Maria. Your kids are so lucky to have a thoughtful meaningful mommy like you!

  2. When I first took the test for myself and for my husband, the results were right on with what I thought they'd be. It was a huge eye-opener to see how we are complete opposites in our love languages and it has been interesting to see how we each fall back on our primary love language, yet try to "speak" the other's more. Most of my kids fall under Quality Time, which isn't a surprise. My middle daughter surprised me with having Acts of Service as her primary lanuage, but it does make sense with her personality.

  3. I must admit, I am a little jealous of the "lighting McQueen" hat! haha I know my baby cousin would love it! Love the pics, cute boy :)

    Xoxo Jessica


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