Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mega Mama Giveaway!

Holy Mother of all giveaways!!! Hello friends!!!
I am excited (in case you cant already tell from all the exclamation points) to introduce to you one of my amazing Sponsors, Tabitha from Shipwrecked on Fabulous Island! She is excited for fall, and even more excited to give all her fall favorites to ONE lucky Mommy Made reader! So she has come up with a "Mega Mama Giveaway" for you all. She is going to let you all know what you can win! Please welcome, Tabby:
Happy Fall, ya'll!  

I'm Tabby from Shipwrecked on Fabulous Island and I thought I was going to stop by and share a craft tutorial with a small giveaway...  THEN THE WORLD CHANGED!  O, you haven't heard?  


I just LOVE all things fall.

The sweater weather.

The comfort food.

The colors.

The holidays.

AND sooOoO much more!  Matter of fact, in lieu of a giveaway, I'm handing over a major shipment of all of my fall faves; 
a Mega Mama Giveaway, if you will. 
 Check out my Fall Fave Bucket O' Prizes:

  1. Pumpkin Spiced Lattes - $5 Starbucks gift card. Who doesn't want to feel warm-n-fuzzy inside?
  2. My girls love SB hot chocolate
  3. Soup Season - $5 Panera gift card.  Cheddar broccoli bowls make my carb-lovin' belly happy!
  4. Sweater Weather - $20 Target gift card. Target has a great selection of cardigans (join the cardi party!).
  5. A good scarf - 1 loop scarf.  I love this turquoise color and can't wait to rock mine!                                                      
  6. Holiday Decor - $20 Michael's gift card.  The pumpkins, the leaves, Halloween and Thanksgiving?  My go-to place for crafts and decor is Michael's...  I even hosted my daughter's last birthday there and we had a blast!
  7. Candy Corn - 2 bags.  I know.  Call me crazy but they look pretty in jars, make great crafts and just SCREAM fall, right?
I tried to buy you a pumpkin farm but my-- I couldn't find -- it ain't happenin' this time! I just love this season and I hope the aforementioned prizes get you equally as excited for fall!  I really appreciate the opportunity to share and I'd love if you joined me on Fabulous Island, Twitter or Pinterest for some fun and easy fall crafts and party tips!

Maria here again... Isnt this a truly FABULOUS giveaway!? 
It definitely lives up to its name "Mega Mama Giveaway"!
Who is excited to win this giveaway? You better be, I know I would be!
If I could enter my own giveaways, I'd do everything I could to win this one. ;)
So if you are like me and want to win this giveaway,
you can enter using the rafflecopter widget below!!
And be sure to come back, because there are entries you can do everyday 
for more chances to win!


  1. Looks like a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! Where is the scarf from...just in case I don't win it!? Thanks!

  2. Great giveaway. I couldn't find where to tag you on my FB shout out but it's definitely there :)

  3. This is so great so here is my facebook tag :)

  4. eek! i'd love to win this! i need to finish up my little's halloween costume!! :)

  5. I think I might be the winner??? I hope that me up there!!! =]


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