Friday, September 28, 2012

For My Benefit

I am sure some people might be getting tired of all these sports photos.... But as the title states these are for my own benefit.
I take these photos because I want to remember. Because I cant help but share and gush. Because I never want to forget these special little moments... His FIRST year playing football, playing ANY sport, actually!

I actually have to miss a lot of his games because his games and Kiah's games are so close in time, so when they are in different towns, we must split up. :( I always take Kiah because most all her games are local, whereas Brucey has to travel several hours away for some of his games! This momma has somewhat of a fear of traveling/driving alone (as in with no other adult) to places she is not familiar with. So The Daddy takes him. And usually can make it back for most of Kiah's game.

So the games I DO get to go to, I just love. I cheer. I yell. I take an endless amount of photos! And when I look at them, I get choked up.

When I see that cute face, that face that is a miniature of The Daddy, my heart melts. When I see those sweet little freckles, I swoon. I love this little guy so much. Though I must admit he drives me bananas a lot of the times... But he is still my little love. My little buddy boo.

Only he is not so little anymore.

He is growing up, handsome as ever.

And as he grows I will have these photos, these memories to look back on. To keep time still for a while. I need that sometimes. Life goes by way to fast. So I need these. As I said...

These are for my benefit.

But I do, deep down, hope you still enjoy them too.

P.S. I must gush big time... The last game I got to see of Bruce's (not this one pictured) he got a chance to run the ball! My heart about stopped when I saw his little number running with the ball towards to end zone. He almost made it too. But got taken down about 10 yards before.
I was so proud of him I actually started crying. Crying. No joke. He has mostly been playing defense up until then. So it was a big moment.

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  1. Share all the pics you want! I happen to love watching to love this little guy grow up too. He has had me wrapped since the first time I held him LOL ( I am rather attached to his sister and brother too LOL). Hugs to you guys Love you!


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