Friday, September 14, 2012

Bring On The Thunder

Kiah has FINALLY started Soccer. It seemed like it took forever to get going.. Practiced were sparse because of all the fires nearby and the smokey air making it unsafe for games and practices to take place. :(
But finally the air cleared so Practices and games could resume!

These photos are from Kiahs first game. She has had two so far. Two that her team has WON. :)
First game they won 0-6, second game they won 0-7. Bring on the THUNDER!
Our girls are amazing. :) I am so proud of all of them.

You might have noticed in a few of these photos that Kiah was a little emotional. The things is, this was Kiah's FIRST game EVER. I believe all but two girls (Kiah and one other girl) have been playing for a few years! They have been through this and were pretty confident. 

Kiah usually is my confident girl! But this day, she was very nervous. She told me how nervous she was for her first game. I gave her a hug and said it would be ok. She would do great! However during practice, she missed a few balls, as goalie, and it got to her big time!

This is where she is SO MUCH like ME. We are both... well, sort of perfectionists. When we cant or don't get something right, it really strikes a nerve with us. It makes us emotional and insecure. We tend to want to stand back and watch until we know we can do it right. Obviously, she couldn't  do that in a game. And I think the "pressure" got to her. It was pressure she put on herself, of course. But I get it, I do that to myself as well. :( 

Luckily she has some amazing coaches who were there to comfort her. She got back to it and did amazing! She mostly plays goalie, and wow she is good at it! Though, her girls are amazing too, and made it hard for the other team to even get close to our goal. :)

Kiah played goalie for the first half, and then came onto the field for the second half. At times she was a little timid. Then before we knew it, she was totally immersed into the game. Giving it her all! 

I have never been a very "sporty" person. My hand/eye and eye/foot coordination is well, lets just say it is lacking. I am kind of clumsy. I mean I run into walls and corners more often than I care to admit! So, all that to say I have never really been into sports. I only played basket ball a little when I was in 5th grade, but I was only good at shooting the hoots... BY MYSELF. HA. So when I see her, when I see any of my kids play, I get excited! I am in awe of them. I am so proud of them! Just looking at these photos brings tears to my eyes. I get goosebumps from Kiah and Brucey.

And win or lose, it doesnt matter! Just seeing them out there, giving it their all, having fun.... Well that's all that matters to me! Winning is just a fun bonus. ♥ Its funny how Ive never really been a big sports fan. But I do so love being a sports Momma. Ahh... I am so blessed by these kids.

By the way, did you catch her number? Lucky number 7! I say we hit the jackpot with Brucey being #77 and Kiah #7. 777 Baby! ;) Thought that was interesting.


  1. She didn't appear to be NEW! She looked like the star of the team! She's adorable.

  2. So cute!

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