Monday, August 27, 2012

The Sport Of Meatball Explained

I mention before how Zander said he plays Meatball and has to go to meatball practice,
just like Brucey goes to football practice and Kiah goes to Soccer practice.
So out of curiosity I asked Zander to explain to me how meatball is played.
In his own words this was his answer:

"I throw meatballs at Dora (Dora the Explorer - for those of you who dont know.. he loves that show!) and Dora explodes. I also throw meatballs at Boots.
I also can wrap up the meatballs and throw them at Dora. And Dora explodes. Then I wrap up the meatballs and throw them at Boots and Boots explodes too. We throw 11 meatballs."

I have no clue where this idea for this game came from. All I know is that he has a great imagination, and is very curious and very tuned into anything and everything around him. So anything he sees in books, or hears, even just once, from tv, from friends, family, whoever and what ever, he pays attention. He remembers and he incorporates it into his imagination. So somehow he has come up with "meatball" through various things put together, I'm sure.

He is the only one of my kids that plays amazingly by himself for HOURS. He will talk to himself or his toys. He will read to himself or sing songs. He is very independent and imaginative like that. So the fact that he somehow came up with this sport/game shouldn't surprise me, but it still sort of does. He never ceases to amaze me. I wish I could peek into his mind and really see how things work in there. He is such a fun and funny kid.

On a side note, you might have noticed his shirt that goes perfectly with this post. Well while back to school shopping for/with Kiah and Bruce I happened to find this shirt (at Target). As soon as I saw it I INSTANTLY thought of Zander and meatball practice. :) I showed the kids and they laughed instantly "getting it" too, and just loved it. So we all agreed I HAD to buy it for Zander and surprise him with it when I got home. He, of course, loved it too. He just lit up and exclaimed "Is this my meatball practice shirt?!" So cute.

Do you have a child with a fun imagination like that?
If so, whats the most interesting thing they have come up with?

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  1. That is so cute! What a perfect shirt to find for your handsome little guy!


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