Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Number 77

Little Bruce got his number & uniform last week!
We were hoping he would get #44 because thats the number The Daddy had when he played football.
But 77 is a great number.
The uniforms look amazing and I could help but think just how handsome and Bad Ace he looked in it! ;)
Spartan Pride, baby!!
GAH! Isnt he just one of the most handsome little boys you have every seen?!?!?
 Seriously my heart is melting, he is a miniature version of The Daddy, and just Gorgeous.
Recently they had their sports portraits taken, 
and I was total mommarazzi taking some behind the scenes photos! ;)
Dont worry, we also ordered some and I can hardly wait to get them!
But for now I will enjoy these as a sneak peek!

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  1. how adorable~ I think its cute how one second he can look like a football player who means business, and then another second- gives a little smile that is so sweet....77 is a great number!


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