Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day Of School - Teachers Gifts

Well the first day of school has come and gone. 
And it actually went very well.
Normally the kids ride the bus, but I always drive them on the first day of school.
I walked Kiah to her class. And lucky her, she got a teacher that we already know.

Her teacher, Mrs. Anderson is my Step-Sister's husbands mom! And we have met her and talked to her through various family functions and such. So it was very exciting for all of us, that she ended up in her class. :) Kiah picked out a few gifts to give her new teacher, dry erase markers and a sweet apple shaped post it note holder. We wrapped them together with ribbon and attached a card that we printed out for free here. I let each of the kids write their own little message to their teachers in it. ♥

After Kiah's class we headed over to Brucey's class. I knew I would be staying with him for a while, as he gets pretty emotional and nervous. Now his teacher, Mrs. Threlkeld, is actually the wife of MY  5th grade teacher! He was one of my favorite teachers growing up and I recognized the name instantly. So I thought that was fun and interesting. :) 

Brucey picked out a big fun kleenex pack, and I got her a gift card for extra supplies. She was so very thankful as the schools dont provide many of  the supplies needed, these days! Anyways, I stayed in class with Bruce and even helped out for a while until he got comfortable enough for me to leave without him crying. He ended up having one of his good friends from his Kindergarten class in this class AND their seats happened to be right next to each other! So that was great. (For all of us!)

This was definitely a great first day. And just a little bit bitter sweet for me. It will be nice to be back on this schedule and have a little more ME time to get some work done, and hopefully be able to open my shop again. But I will definitely miss Summer and all the extra time with the kids.

So how was YOUR kids' first day back to school??
Did you plan or do any fun gifts for the teacher(s)?


  1. Fun! I love sending the boys to school with presents on the first day. Here is what we made. :-)

  2. Adorable, Brucey looks like he is a lot more comfortable this year. I guess time will tell by the end of the week. Are you Kiah is only in 4th grade???? She is looking so grownup and her usual confident self. Hugs to everyone. Love you, your WA Mom

  3. That's so cute! We are all teachers over here, and first day gifts would be the exception and not the rule! I'm sure your kids' teachers were pleasantly surprised!

  4. I am glad all went well this time so far.
    I will for sure keep you posted my kiddos go back to school on the 5th.This yr I will be sending 4 of them away for all day school. Joey will be a sophomore, Josh 7th, Adam 3rd and Timmy will be going to allday kindergarten.I never thought about doing teacher gifts on the 1st day. Very good idea.We normally do the norm ya know valentines,teacher appreciation day and end of year.
    Thanks for sharing your expierence.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day! You're so thoughtful for getting useful gifts for the teachers. I'll do the same - our first day is next week.

  6. Great to know it went without any tears this time! Loved the teacher's gift printable too. As a teacher myself, I'd love to get those classroom markers and notes! Thanks for sharing, Maria.


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