Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Little Spartan

Brucey had his first day of football practice Tuesday evening.

We have all been pretty excited for Brucey to start football practice.
Its been a mixture of emotions for me.
One because.. Oh my gosh my little boy is already doing sports!
GAH, when did he grow up already!?
Two because he is a JR Spartan and it was so cool to see him on the same football field that The Daddy played on. To see him practicing at mine and The Daddy's High School, to be a Spartan.
Maybe that sounds lame... I dont know, but to me? That's exciting!
Having the kids go to the same school where The Daddy and I went, and met and became best friends has always been something I wanted.
And sure the kids aren't in High School yet.. but just seeing him in his adorbs little spartan uniform on our High School Football field, it got to me. Made me happy.
Three, well I was also just so nervous for him!
Brucey is SO SHY. I feel for him, because I am shy and I have always been an awkward shy kid. Too afraid to speak up or talk to people or make friends. I was worried he would be scared, and too shy to speak up or whatnot.
He did amazingly, however. He said he had fun, he was excited... He wasn't too fond of me and my camera taking a million pictures, haha, but I believe that's in the job description for being a mom. Right?
And lastly (Four) I'm just plain excited because I never did sports growing up. I dont really know much about how everything goes. So I'm excited to get into it, to learn and to go to the games and just be there as a BIG fan and support to my little buddy boo!

My heart is so full. I am so blessed as a Momma. I look at these photos and cant help but smile at the miniature version of my husband "The Daddy". Gets me choked up. ♥ 

Now coming up soon, Kiah will be starting Soccer! This will be her first sport as well so she is extremely excited to get started! And Zander who wants to be a big kid doing sports too has been hearing all about Brucey's football, and Kiah going to play soccer ball... So he has informed us that he is going to start playing "meat ball" and will also be going to "meat ball practice". Goodness, he is just the cutest thing. I'm not sure how his mind works to where he got meat ball practice from, but I just love it!


  1. Haha, the pictures and the cutest, and I love your enthusiasm for being a "football mom". I think cheering on kid's sports is one of the coolest things ever!

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  2. Love the pics, I can't believe he is big enough for football already! What happened to the baby I feed pomegranete frappaccinos to in the Nursery LOL. Miss you guys bunches! Hugs to all the sports stars (even the meatball player LOL) from Gramma Sherri


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