Friday, June 15, 2012

Summah Time, Summah Time

One of ALL our favorite things about SUMMAH TIME is being able to go swimming.
Fortunately we are blessed with a swimming pool right in our back yard.
The Daddy just got the pool cleaned up and running. So the kids and I enjoyed a nice dip.
Squinting in the sun//No Makeup Momma!! 

So I asked the kids what their favorite things about summer where.
Here is what they had to say!

Swimming, No School, Camping, family time

 Swimming, Starting football practice, camping

The sun, Birds, Swimming

And here are my own personal favorite things about summer time:
No Schedules! Sleeping in. Sun bathing. Swimming. Flip flops & tank tops. BBQ's.
Family Time. Tan lines. My birthday! Late nights. Night swimming. No makeup.

What are YOUR favorite things about summer?


  1. one of my favorite things is getting invited over to my sisters house to go swimming :)

  2. I wanna go swimming, summer is never going to make it to WA

  3. Ooo, tan lines. Definitely understand that one!

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot


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