Monday, June 11, 2012


My Headband: Much Love Illy

Sometimes being a Mommy is HARD.
Sometimes I get tired and grumpy.
Sometimes I turn into the Mommy Monster.
Sometimes I just want to be alone.
Sometimes I want to be the only "baby" that The Daddy Spoils.
Sometimes I just want to lay in bed and do nothing all day.
Sometimes I feel like the worst Mommy in the world!
Sometimes I take for granted all my blessings.
Sometimes I am selfish.
Sometimes I forget about all the Mommy Joys.
Sometimes this Momma just gets into a funk that seems hard to break.

Sometimes I have to just pray and Thank God for this Life.
Sometimes I am reminded just how BLESSED I am.
Sometimes cuddles and silly faces are NEEDED much more by ME than my little ones.
Sometimes the simple words "I Yuh You, Momma" bring tears to my eyes.
Sometimes I think about life without my kids and it scares me.
Sometimes I feel like I love them so much it hurts!
Sometimes I realize the work God is doing in me & I have a changed heart.
Sometimes I need to STOP and remember all the little things that mean so much.
Sometimes I have to make time to take care of myself.
Sometimes I need to spend more special one on one time with each of my little loves.
Sometimes a simple smile from one of my little loves, melts my heart.
Sometimes knowing that I am needed makes me feel like the most important person in the world.

Always, I am loved!
Always I am a Momma.
Always I am blessed.
Always I will LOVE my kids!
Always God is Good.
Always I need to remember that Life is short and we need to enjoy each moment and each day.


  1. Cute pics. What a fun mama you are. Found you on the Wiegand's. Have a cheery day!

  2. oh i LOVE that headband! looks too cute on you! found you via the wiegands and am excited to follow! xo

  3. How cute! I love this post! :) I'm a new follower over here from Casey's blog. Thanks for sharing!

    All The Love In The Universe


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