Monday, June 18, 2012

Boredom Busters: Summer To Do List (And Link Up)

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year, and I am sure I am not alone in that.
But often times it can be filled with phrases like: "I'm bored",  "What can we do/there's nothing to do".
I dont always have ideas right off the top of my head, so I decided to make a list.
This is a list of 55 things "to-do" this summer (or any time of the year, really).
They are in no particular order, just fun things and ideas for when we get bored or just because!
Some are just ideas, many have links to tutorials, diy, or recipes.

Also after my list, I have a link up!
 I would love for you to link up and share your fun kid/family friendly crafts, recipes or ideas.

If you enjoy this list & link up, please pin this post!

  1. Make Homemade Bubbles
  2. Create Bubble Art
  3. Go Camping
  4. Make root beer float pop-cycles
  5. Star Gaze
  6. Have a water balloon fight
  7. Make Playdoh
  8. Make fun shaped crayons
  9. Swim as much as possible
  10. Make Water Sponge Bombs 
  11. Write and send out "snail mail" letters to friends/family
  12. Make Oobleck
  13. Make our own puzzles
  14. Make Jello Playdoh, then turn it into Jello Cookies!
  15. Make a Treasure Hunt
  16. Go Fishing
  17. Play ball 
  18. Make Your Own Bean Bag Toss
  19. Make up stories
  20. Tye Die some T-Shirts
  21. Message in a Pancake
  22. Paint or Create self-portraits
  23. Make Salt Dough Hand Prints
  24.  Have a Mommy Daughter Manicure day
  25. Do a 30 Day Drawing Challenge
  26. Photograph Nature
  27. Find shapes & things in the clouds
  28. Make Super Hero Capes 
  29. Make a Bird Feeder
  30. Make Smores
  31. Sit & Sing around a camp fire
  32. Make Grass Sock Heads (Using clear cups this time!)
  33. Watch for shooting stars
  34. Make Trix treats!
  35. Have a scavenger hunt
  36. Create some fun science experiments
  37. Become "Starving Artists" with Sandwich Art
  38. Read books
  39. Make things explode
  40. Stay up late
  41. Teach the kids how to sew
  42. Make friendship bracelets
  43. Attempt to do draw with light
  44. Use old magazines to make a collage
  45. Make Fun Photo bookmarks!
  46.  Visit Grandparents
  47. Create an "invisible" sensory tub
  48.  Donate old toys
  49. Enjoy glow in the dark drinks
  50.  Go on family walks
  51. Create our own Lava Lamps
  52. Have fun with food
  53. Have many family movie nights
  54. Interview the kids
  55. Teach the kids to cook a meal

Now for the linky party!
Please link up YOUR boredom buster posts.
Share with me your kid or family friendly crafts, food, to-do lists.
Anything that could help bust boredom this summer!

This is not required, but I would love it, if you link up to either tweet or pin this post!

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  1. Thanks. I need all the ideas I can get with a 4 and 2 year old. This summer thing is killing me.


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