Sunday, June 17, 2012

All About The Daddy According To The Kids

I found this cute printable for Father's Day.
I thought it would be SO cute for the kids to fill them out for The Daddy.
 I couldnt help but share their cute and fun answers here. 
(Ive put an * by the ones that were true or mostly true)

My Daddy is _______ years old.
Kiah: 27*
Bruce: 30
Zander: 3

My Daddy weighs _____ pounds.
Kiah: 130 pounds
Bruce: 105 pounds
Zander: 6 pounds

My Daddy was born in: (State)
Kiah: California*
Bruce: In America*
Zander: Uuhh Number Four

My Daddy's favorite color is:
Kiah: Green *
Bruce: Green*
Zander: Blue

My Daddy's favorite super hero is:
Kiah: Super Man *
Bruce: Super Man *
Zander: Me "Naner" (thats how he says Zander)

My Daddy always says:
Kiah: "He always says I love you.. Unless he says 'Come here' if we are in trouble." *
Bruce: "I Love You" *
Zander: "I Love You" *

My Daddy's job is:
Kiah: Yard Work and helping to take care of us. *
Bruce: Army *
Zander: Uhhh Build a bridge for me.

My Daddy always:
Kiah: Does Yard Work *
Bruce: Does Yard Work*
Zander: Do Yard Work*

My Daddy laughs when:
Kiah: I get hurt, but dont actually cry.
Bruce: He always laughs at me
Zander: At the super market

My Daddy's Favorite food is:
Kiah: Enchiladas *
Bruce: Subway *
Zander: Macaroni

I love my Daddy because:
Kiah: Cause he is my dad! He takes me on daddy daughter dates, and he does everything with me.
Bruce: Because he is handsome!
Zander: Because he gives me candy.

These will all certainly be fun to read and remember in the future!! :)


  1. What a GREAT idea!!!

    Your children are ADORABLE!! And you and your man make such a beautiful couple!


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