Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Face Painting

Today was a good day.
We went to a little carnival that was going on at my brother in law's work.
My said they were looking for people to face paint, and asked if I would do that with her!
Of course I said yes.
And of course, our kids were the first to get painted so we could practice.
LOVE that Kiah and Jazzy had to get their "stache" on! hehe

Brucey, showing off his cool shark I did. haha

 I did a butterfly for my momma. Isnt my mom so pretty!?
And I even gave myself a little heart "tatt". Ha!

 Later, Brucey wanted me to re-paint his face. He wanted to be just like his cousin Tyler!
HAHA Silly boys!!

 Zander asked for Sponge bob, but I didnt think to get a pic of it.
Oh well, It wasnt that great anyways!!!
I did get this adorable pic of him chowing on a hot dog, though, so enjoy.
Well not 30 minutes after I repainted Brucey's face again, he wanted another NEW painting.
This time he wanted a dragon.... So a dragon he got.
Goodness, isnt he just SO flippin handsome!?!?
He looks so much like The Daddy. ♥♥♥

Yeah, so I'm not the best face painter... but it was really fun!
It was good to be outside with the kids watching them run around playing games & having a blast.
Thanks, Mona & Clayton, for asking us to join. :)
 How was your Saturday?

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  1. LOL love the 'staches
    Need to get myself some face paints!


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