Friday, March 23, 2012

Zander Through The Years

I was thinking about Zander's birthday and how he is THREE now.
Thinking back to when we first moved into our home here, he was only 5 months old!
Its hard to believe how much he has grown in such a short time....
I couldn't help but reminisce over some old photos, and share them here.

Here he is when we first moved into our house, here in RB.
He was 5 months old, was already crawling, and he has just learned how to sit up on his own.

 Swimming in our pool. Zander LOVES the water.
 Zander and Daddy
 This is Zander at 9 months old, when he first started walking!
He has always been (and still is) SUCH a fast learner.

 This pic below is one of my fav pics of him, its always reminded me of Ryan Gosling, for some reason. :)

 The boys... all got a hair cut.

 My handsome little man!!
 He was snuggling with me in the morning. ♥
 He was about a year and a half here.
 He wanted to ride the big Quad.
 Happier on the big quad. LOL

Here he is age 2.
 He's got SUCH a fun personality!
 Love him SO much!

Kids are SUCH an adventure. 
They grow so fast... right before your eyes.
Even one month makes a HUGE difference!
I just love looking back and seeing how much they have grown, its astonishing sometimes.
I cant believe my baby boy is 3. 


  1. He is such a cutie. My twins turn 3 in 2 weeks, I can't believe the time has gone so fast!

  2. can not believe he is 3 and Hannah will turn 3 in a little over a month.Thanks for sharing all the cute pics.


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