Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dora In The Dark

Zander and I are up early today. Around 5:45 Zander woke up crying, not feeling good. He was feeling warm, and said his forehead hurt. So I got him some medicine, stripped him of his jammies, and got him ice water, a light blanket and his pillow pet, so he could relax and watch some Dora.
Since he was obviously not going to be going back to bed.  Poor little guy.
Of course, now he has ditched his blanket and is snuggling next to me at I type.
Which is nice, we get some extra snuggle time. ♥
 He is so sweet, I feel so bad he is suddenly not feeling good. Especially today, since today is his 3rd Birthday! I told him that, and he said "OH! I am three." ♥ Fortunately we are not doing his party until Sunday... so hopefully he will be feeling better by then. But any extra prayers for him today would be wonderful! Well I better be off, Zander just said "Ow, my belly. Momma, I want something for eat". ;) I love the way he talks.

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  1. How sweet! I hated when Becca was sick on her birthday, she started with the 1st one LOL; I am a bad gramma, I totally spaced over the 13th. Give the Zander boo late birthday hugs from Gramma Sherri. See you in 29 days (not that I am counting LOL)


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