Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Kiah Wore {Walmart Fashion}

When I was a kid/teen Walmart clothes we totally un-cool.
If you wore a Walmart brand you were made fun of. :(
Thinking about that now, it seems so ridiculous!

Even though for a long time I still wasnt a huge fan of Walmart "fashion" for my own kids,
(I much more prefer clothes from "Tarjay", always thought they were way cuter) 
I  must say clothes from Walmart have come a long way.

This outfit was picked out by one of my sisters, and Kiah totally loved it!
The shoes were hand me downs, but also from Walmart (Hannah Montana Collection).

 Shirt, Jeans, Shoes: Walmart, Necklace: The {Posh} Daisy

Isnt she just cute as a button.
My little model. ♥

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P.S.S. This is NOT a sponsored post. Just having fun showing off some of Kiah's new clothes. ;)


  1. Adorable! Did she get those on her shopping day?? I can't believe she will be nine next week. Seems like just yesterday we were making cupcakes for her to take to rainbows to celebrate her 4th birthday! Tell her Grandma Sherri says she looks beautiful.

  2. How adorable is she...like really she should be a kid model. I agree that the clothes from Walmart have come a long way. I find some cute things from now and then that I just love.
    That necklace is dang cute on her!!! I hope she loves it.

    thanks for the shout out cutie!!!


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