Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quadruple French Braid Pony Tail Tutorials

Today I have a fun hair style sort of Tutorial for you!
I used to do this to my younger sisters hair when we were in high school.
Well I was bored, and decided to do it to Kiah's hair, and for fun take some pics to share and inspire you!

So basically what this is, is 4 french braids coming to the center of the head and making a pony tail!
Its really cute, but just takes a little bit of time and patience, for both persons involved. ;)
You will need 4 small rubber bands and one big pony tail holder.
Oh right, AND the ability to french braid hair!

Step 1: Part hair straight down the middle.
Step 2: Part the parts, into 4 equal sections and tie off.
Step 3: Let down one section...

Step 4: French braid first section towards the middle of the head, secure with little ribber band.
Step 5: Let down and french braid the next section towards the center of the head & secure with rubber band.
Step 6: Have the person turn around with head facing downward in your lap (on a pillow).
And repeat steps 1-5!

Step 7: You should have all 4 sections french braided all leading to the center of the head.
Step 8: Gather all the "tails" of the braids to the center and secure with the pony tail holder.
Step 9: Admire such a cute braided pony tail!!

This is such a cute, fun, funky and interesting hair style that will get lots of attention! ♥

Dont you just love it??

What do you think?

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  1. I'll have to see if my oldest would go for this. She's the only one with hair long enough to braid. I bet it would get a lot of attention. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. :)


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