Saturday, February 25, 2012

Puppy Love

It never fails.
If its a weekend, and I let the kids stay up "late", Brucey is always the first to fall asleep.
He just passes right out!
It makes sense, he is SO active during the day.
He plays so hard.
There is hardly a moment he isnt moving, talking, doing SOMETHING, making some kind of noise.
Some times it drives me nuts. I like things calm and quiet.
But at the same time I love that about him.
He is just like The Daddy in that way.
We named him perfectly, in that aspect. ;)

Tonight Bruce asked if he could play with Mini (our dog) in his room.
I told him yes, a little while later I noticed it was unusually quiet.
So I went to check on him....
Sweet little thing. Totally passed out. Snuggled up with Mini.
The sight totally Made.My.Night. Sweet little love bug. ♥


  1. How sweet is that! A boy and his dog, just what an active busy boy needs someone with enough energy to keep up with him. Give him big hugs for me. See you in April


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