Thursday, January 19, 2012

School Lunch Drama

Just about every Thursday I go to school with Brucey.
Somedays I bring a lunch, other days I buy a lunch.
Today I didn't do either.
It was kind of a rushed Morning so I didn't have time to prepare something 
and I didn't have any cash on hand to buy a lunch today.
No big deal though, I can deal with going with out food for a few hours.
I usually eat a late lunch anyways... some days I don't even eat lunch.

But when it came to lunch time my stomach was growling.
I could have left to grab something at the store real quick.
But Brucey gets so emotional if I try to leave. 
He wanted me to stay with him, so I did. 
I sat with all the other kindergarteners at the lunch table.
Brucey talked and played and ate. 
He held my hand too and smiled at me, he was so happy I was there with him.
He is always excited when I go to school with him. :)

Now I always tell him to try to eat everything from his lunch, because we pay (full price) for his lunch and it gets expensive, so I don't want him to waste any!
Today he did a great job, he ate all of his food.. except the grilled cheese.
He tried, he did his best.
He said I will try, but he just didn't like theirs.
He split it in half and took a several bites then said he was full.
There was more than half left.
He asked, "Mommy, do you want to have it?"

I DID want to have it. haha I was hungry still.
But I couldn't have it. I was not ALLOWED to!
Yeah... that's right, I was told that I was not allowed to eat his food.

On the very first day I volunteered in class for Bruce I didnt think I would stay until lunch time.
Most parents stay until right before lunch, then leave. Some stay, but most go home at that point.
Bruce of course wanted me to stay. But I wasnt prepared. 
I didn't have a lunch or cash on hand!
I didn't mind, I actually wasn't that hungry on that day.
But a similar thing happened that day.
Brucey finished all of his lunch except for half of his chicken sandwich.
He liked it, but he was just full. 
He said, "Here, Momma, can you eat this, I'm too full."
I thought well why not. Its better than it going to waste!

Two bites into the sandwich and I was approached by one of the lunch ladies.
The conversation went something like this:
Lunch Lady: I'm sorry, but you are not allowed to eat the kids' lunches.
(She didn't sound really sorry, she sounded kind of harsh.)
Me: (confused) Oh, this is my son.
Lunch Lady: That may be, but the state says this is the required amount of food for school children.
I cant have you eating his food. You are welcome to purchase a lunch for yourself though.
Me: (with a lump in my throat) Oh ok.

She walked and I put the sandwich back down on his tray, TO BE THROWN AWAY!
I felt hot. I got tears in my eyes that I immediately tried to dry up,

I was a mixture of embarrassed and totally PISSED off!

Words stirred up inside of me and I had wished I had told the lady off.
Of course I didn't want to cause a scene, so I didn't.
But I was beyond frustrated!

"I am welcome to purchase a lunch"
Oh right, cause the one I  already purchased for my son should go to waste?

I wanted to get angry and tell her that I am the one who pays for my sons lunch... not the damn state!
And if I didn't want it to go to the GARBAGE then I would eat what I want since I, after all, PAID for it!

But I never said a thing. And since then I have brought my own lunch, or brought money.
Except for today.
If you're curious, no, I didn't finish his sandwich today. 
I didn't want to "get in trouble" or START any.. cause if that lady said something to me again,
I just might unleash. Which I wouldn't really be right for me to do in the long run.
So I came home and blogged about it instead. ;) 
I shouldn't let it even get to me, and if anything I could just talk to the principal or something.
Its just a little frustration. I wonder if any of you have experienced something like this?
Or what your thoughts are about it?

I mean I can see the other side, if its a state paid lunch, fine I get that.
And I am sure they cant make exceptions cause who wants to sit and check EVERY ones lunch status.
But I just felt like she was rude, and it upset me how she said "the kids' lunches."
As if I were just picking off all of their plates!? Ugh... 
Anyways... I'm done now, I promise.

P.S. On a lighter note...
I found this earlier on Pinterest and thought it was fitting. 

Its always best to end on a laugh right?


  1. That is totally ridiculous! If he isn't going to eat it, what does it matter who does? Like you said, you're paying for it. I'm going to ask at our school what they say about this situation. Just curious. I probably would have done the same as you, though, not caused a scene but I would have been mad too.

  2. I think that is the stupidest thing I ever heard. But then again schools frequently have stupid rules. It seems to me that if the food was going to waste it should not matter who ate it. I too however would have let it pass and not made a scene. Are your sure you are not related to me biologically? Love your WA Mom.

  3. Wow, you showed far more restraint than I could have! I think that is incredibly ridiculous. I can understand the state's point of view in the matter, but the bottome line is YOU paid for it, and it would have gone to waste anyway. I'd say in a situation like this that you have every right to finish his lunch if he doesn't want it.

  4. Hi

    This is so stupid. Even if that is the rule, I would probably have ignored it. Instead, she made you feel just horrible. I do think you did the right thing though, it's not worth fighting with her, especially if she is just following the rules. Frustrating, but you handled it really well!


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