Saturday, January 28, 2012


I love my Saturdays.
Saturdays are the ONLY days I get to "sleep in".
Of course being a momma I dont REALLY get to sleep in.
The kids usually wake up early and always want to eat right away.
Which means they are waking ME up early too.
But Saturdays are the only days I dont HAVE to get up early for anything.
Sundays I wake up early for Church. Monday through Friday I wake myself up at 6:20 am.

So I enjoy Saturdays a lot.
Even if I'm only sleeping in until 7:30 or 8:00.
But I must confess today... Today I slept in until 11:00!!!

Wow. Yes. I slept in till just about noon.
Hard to believe.
I wasn't bothered, I wasn't abruptly awaken by a child needing breakfast, or cartoons on or help with anything!
I just SLEPT.
Amazing. A total guilty pleasure that I thoroughly enjoyed... As it is SUCH a rare thing.

When I woke up I was just slightly concerned.
Either someone had stolen the kids for ransom or the house would be a complete disaster, I was sure of it.
However when I reached the living room, this is what I found that had kept the kids so busy.
Too busy in fact, to bother Mommy.

Blanket Forts:

Most days I might have been irritated by the slight mess in the living room.
Most days I might even have made them rush to clean it up.
But today I was thankful.
Thankful for imagination... And cute little faces!

Thankful for kids in good moods and a good long (much needed) sleep!

Thankful for an 8 year old wonderfully helpful daughter who got herself and the boys breakfast.

Thankful for my little beauty and two little handsomes!

So instead of rushing the clean up. I grabbed my camera and captured a wonderful memory.
After that I got on the floor and checked out their new little "homes".
Then got up and made breakfast for lunch (mmm blueberry pancakes!).
Kiah named her fort "Kiah's Perfect Palace".

And I named this, the "Perfect LAZY Saturday".

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! ;)

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  1. I remember blanket forts. They were always so fun to make and a bummer to clean up. Glad you got a chance to sleep in, it seems to be the theme of the day, I too had a lazy Saturday, LOL hugs to everyone. See you in April


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