Thursday, January 26, 2012

In A Mommy's World....Silence

You know the phrase "Silence is Golden"?
Well In a Mommy's World, Silence is NOT always golden.
Silence is TROUBLE!

If you're a momma, you know exactly what I am talking about.
Kids are LOUD little creatures.
And though I want to CHERISH the few times during the day when I can have silence,
from naps and what not, for the most part silence is trouble.

Chances are when kids are playing in the room "silently" they are usually up to no good.
I can recall one time when Bruce was about 2 and I used to baby sit another little boy his same age.
Those two were best friends and played together pretty wonderfully.
Anyways... one day when I thought they were just playing so greatly it turns out I was way wrong!
They had sneaked into the fridge and smuggled a carton of eggs to their rooms.
When it finally hit me that they were being TOO quiet I went to go check on them.
I found them dancing around a bunch of smashed eggs in the carpet!

Silence is trouble!
And sometimes, silence can be a little SCARY!

Well today I had a fun little scare.
Zander was supposed to be cleaning his room.
For a while I tried to make it FUN.
I got him excited about doing certain parts of the cleaning.
Like I'd ask him in a real excited voice "Can you find me all the garbage!?"
And he would say "YEAAAAHHH"
He'd come running out with a handful of paper or random garbage from his room 
and say "Momma I put dis in da babage!"
And I would say "YAY!! Good job Buddy!"

After a while Zander started losing his enthusiasm to clean up and I was too.
I was cleaning, cleaning, cleaning too... and I just was feeling too tired to keep up the energy to get him excited.
So finally The Daddy Stepped in and told Zander he needed to get to his room and clean it up!
Zan ran off crying.

He was crying for some time.
And finally it got quiet.
When I realized he wasn't crying anymore and was being extremely quiet I went to check on him.
This is what I found:
 And empty room! I said his name and go no reply.
Again a little louder "Zander, where are you!"
I was instantly in a panic.
All kinds of bad situations ran through my mind in an instant.
You know the panic that us Mommas get... you think of ALL THE WORST things that could happen.

I was about to freak out.
Then I stopped and came to my senses. I walked further into the room.
Again no Answer.

After looking around I notice something....Aha!

Why he was under his bed, or sleeping on his hand?
I have no clue..

But my goodness, isnt he the most beautifully handsome sleeping boy ever!?

Oh how I LOVE him.
Ok so maybe he wasnt as MUCH "trouble" as his older brother has been when he was being "silent".
But his silence sure did give me a BIG scare even if just for a moment!

What kind of "trouble" have you found from your kids' silence?

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  1. Oh I know that was a panic mode, but oh how it ended perfectly, and he is handsome!


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