Sunday, November 27, 2011

For Your Young Book Lovers! (Customized Books)

When I was young, my Mom got me and my sisters each a personalized book for Christmas one year.
I have always cherished this book, and loved that it had my name in it, and the names of my friends!
This is my special book:

And this is me, age 9... and yes Student of The Week... haha 
Kiah is lucky, she is way cuter than I was at her age! ;)

Here is a closer look at my book.

Recently one of my sisters mentioned wanting to get a personalized book like ours for her own daughter. :)
And I knew it would be a perfect gift for my own kids too!
So I searched online and found this website Happy Kids Personalized Gifts!
You can check out all their books and even read the whole story to be sure you like it before you purchase!
 The Prices are wonderful and range from $10-$17.
These are the books I picked out for my little Book Lovers. :)

Kiah got The Ballerina Princess. 
I liked it because it looks similar to Barbie, and she is pretty into Barbie right now.

Though Kiah's reading level is a bit higher than this book, 
I know she will treasure it so much, as I have treasured my own special book!
She loves to read and she even reads my special book a lot.
I know she is gonna LOVE to have her own. :)

Since Zander is totally into counting right now I got him a Sesame Street Counting Book.

Through out the whole book there are things to "help Elmo count". 
I know Zander will LOVE this!
Of all the kids, he is my biggest book lover!
I love that about him... he even fell asleep clutching his fav book in his hands! :)
I am sure he will be excited to hear his name in this book.
Although these books are a surprise for them (for Christmas) I asked the kids to tell me who their best friends where.. 
So I knew who to add to the book.
Its sweet that when I asked Zander, he told me Kiah and Brucey were his best friends. :)
Sweet Boy!

And for my tough little Super Hero Brucey, I got The Justice League!

This was one of the more expensive books at $17, but its a lot bigger.
Brucey is just learning to read now. 
And though he gets excited to read and find words he knows, he often gets board with the books we have.
I think this one will DEFINITELY keep his attention!
Its big, and colorful, full of action and he and his school friends are included in the action!

So I am EXTREMELY excited to give these to the kids.
I really hope they like them as much as I think they will... more so hopefully! :)
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Do you have a little book lover?
If so, you will definitely want to check out this fun site!

p.s. This is NOT a sponsored post at all!
Just thought it was a fun gift idea and had to share. :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

In a Mommy's World

Today I would like to talk about some silly things that happen in a Mommy's world.

In a Mommy's world there is NO SUCH THING as PRIVACY!

Let me share with you a few stories...


So to set the scene, I will just say.. I am in the bathroom.

Brucey: Momma, Look at my shorts!!

Me: Brucey.. I'm going to the bathroom. I'll look when I am done.

Brucey: Ok, I'll just be right here by the washer.

 (I was in our laundry room bathroom)
So he stayed right there until I was done... not quietly though.
He stuck his fingers under the door.

Momma! Can you see me!?

Brucey... Go Away!!

The sound of little feet hitting the tile slowly fades as he runs away... 
Then gets louder as her runs back to my door.

MOMMA! Look!

He slips a piece of paper under the door.

Did you get that?!

Bruce, get out of here and let me have some peace! Goodness!

I'm half annoyed and amused at the same time.
But he gets quiet. And I finish my business in peace.
I open the pocket door to find him direct in front of me.

Example #2

 Zander >

Zander is still so much a momma's boy.
When he wakes up in the morning, he likes to lay with me in bed until I wake up.
Sometimes he is patient and just cuddles with me, other times he like to "ache me up".
He still wants me to pick him up and hold him.
And I love that... but he is almost 3 and getting heavy for me!
Plus when I get up in the morning, first thing I want to do is pee and brush my teeth!
My bladder wont allow me to hold anyone or anything heavy. :)
So I convince him to hold my hand, and TRY to convince him to just wait for me while I'm in the bathroom.

Does that ever work? 

So as I pee, he barges in and whines for me hold him.

No buddy... Im not gonna hold you right now.

Hold my hand?

Oh goodness, buddy... go wait for me on my bed. Then I will pick you up and get you some breakfast! 

*pouty lip*

Hold my hand, momma, pwease!

Gracious... so I held his hand as I pee'd....

Yes, you read right.
Thank goodness this isn't an everyday occurrence,
but obviously this isn't something I can let happen for very much longer!!

Is it just me, or does it seem like having boys gives you lots of potty stories?!

Maybe this is just part of the joys of having boys... 
Because with my Kiah girl, I've never really had a problem with privacy, SO FAR!

Since having boys though, my privacy has become non-existent!
What about you? Can you relate?
Do you think this is more of a boy thing too.. or have you had similar situations with your little girl? :)
I'd love to hear from you!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Peek-A-Boo, I See You!

Peek-A-Boo, I See You!

And you can see me,

Im guest posting over there, and sharing with you a couple silly stories and incites into a Mommy's World!

Hope to see you there! :)

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Monday, November 14, 2011

She Did Fantasic

 Kiah had her volcano report a couple weeks.ago
Lucky for me they happened to be their reports on a Friday, which is the day I volunteer in her class!
Kiah was the first one to go up and do it, since I was there to watch. 
She didn't want to be first, and was a little nervous. However, she still so great.

She had such a wonderful report explaining about volcanoes and the parts that make up a volcano,
She talked about her trip to Mt. Lassen, what she learned on the trip and why the trail they hiked was called Bumpass Hell. She even shared a funny story about the smell of the boiling sulfuric pool. 
And no, neither I nor The Daddy had anything to do with her report.. she wrote it completely on her own, and I hadnt even read or heard it until that day in her class. 
When I asked her later why she hadn't shown me her report earlier, she said because she wanted to surprise me. :)
Boy WAS I surprised, I know she is smart... but I was still amazed at how well she did.
 I got teary eyed, I had perm-a-grin, and (I know I say this a lot but...) I was..well am so proud of her!
 Of course I am talking about my little over achiever, and yes, she did fantastic!
Kiah had her volcano report a couple weeks.ago
Lucky for me they happened to be their reports on a Friday, which is the day I volunteer in her class!
Kiah was the first one to go up and do it, since I was there to watch. 
She didn't want to be first, and was a little nervous. However, she still so great.
I got teary eyed, I had perm-a-grin, and (I know I say this a lot but...) I am so proud of her!

 So, not only did Kiah make a Volcano diorama, but she ALSO even created a poster.
This poster showed all the parts of the volcano.
So after she read her report, she used that to show all the parts of a volcano.

She then took and answered questions. She looked like a pro!

I don't think I will ever forget this day in class with Kiah.
She is so talented and smart. 
She is also so determined.
I love how she desires to work hard and has such a thirst for knowledge.
That is rare these days... Believe me, I know.. 
I see it when I volunteer in Kiah's class once a week.
I see so many of the kids off task, talking, not paying attention... falling behind!
I mostly work with the kids that are falling behind in class.
The kids are great, sweet kids really but just don't have a desire to keep on task!
Teachers in this school are being swamped, I can see how hard it is for them to give everyone the extra attention they need, so I love that I can help.

Though Kiah is getting older and getting to the age where "school isnt cool or fun" anymore,
she remains a wonderful student. I love that about her. 
I thank God every night for her, for the blessing that she is.
I know he has big plans for her. 
She is a light and an example to everyone around her. 
I pray she never loses the desire to do good, learn and achieve!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Night Time Routines

  Every night the kids and I have a bedtime routine. I put them to bed, and go to each of them separately, tuck them in, we pray and I say I LOVE you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO (as long as I can hold my breath!) Much much much much much much much much much!! Then I smother them in kisses!

They hold me tight and always ask for just ONE more kiss.... and then they ask again. :) I love it. I cherish it. Some nights I wish I could just stay in bed with them snuggling all night.

 And some nights I am just so exhausted I cant wait for them to just be sleeping so I can go relax with The Daddy. Which means our bed time routine gets a little rushed. Sometimes I rush so much I forget to pray with them.
Nights like tonight... when I was tired, grumpy and emotional for no real reason and just need some peace and quiet. So I rush. Then as I start down the hallway to the living room, I hear it, from at least one of them (tonight it was Zander). Mooooommma! I run back in to see what he needs.
"Whats up Zander?" 
"Momma, we pway?"
"Aww buddy, yeah I'm sorry, we can pray!"

And then my grumpiness is pushed away and my heart is filled.
I thank God that even my TWO year old can help keep me accountable!
His little prayers are so cute and funny too, he ALWAYS says 
"And thank you for strawberry milk" every time, without fail.
I love it! 
It makes me thankful even more for these precious ones God has entrusted to me.
I couldnt find the sleeping pic of Kiah so I used this one of her praying from her baptism.

What are your night time routines?


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