Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!!
Today I just wanted to quickly share a few photos from Brucey's School performance!
We are very proud of him!

The performance consisted of a "play" where each of the kids had one line.
They stood in a semi circle and said their line one after another, and it was completely adorable!
It was called "A Day in the Pumpkin Patch"

Bruce was on the very end, and had the very last line!

So he actually got to step in the very center and shout out his line:
"And we wish them all... A Happy Halloween!"

He was supposed to throw his arms up in the air... which he DID.. but he did it so fast... the time I took the picture. you can see it looks like he has no arms!! haha

After the little play... they sang several songs they have been working on! 

It was the most adorable thing!

They did all kinds of movements and such to go along with their songs!

I got a little teary eyed watching!
If I have not mentioned this before... you may not know it, but Bruce is VERY shy!
So shy that for the longest time most people thought he didnt even know how to talk!
Of course at home he doesnt shut his mouth.. he talks my ear off. ;)

So we were worried he would get up in front of everyone and totally shut down like he usually does in front of people. So when he got up their and did his line, and sang the songs with confidence we were beyond proud and excited too!

He has grown so much since going to kindergarten. 
Its so great to see his growth and change.
He is SUCH a big boy now!
I have also had the pleasure to help in his class room once a week.
He loves when I come in, and I love that I get to see him learning and just how smart he is!
He is a super fast learner!

Oh and did you catch the kid's pumpkin shirts?
They got to tye dye and paint their own jack o lantern shirts.
So cute right!? :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

"Haunted" Gingerbread Houses!

 Yesterday my sweet friend, Kim, and I got together for our kids to make
"Haunted" Gingerbread Houses!

Above you can see Kiah's far left, Bruce's in the middle & Zanders to the right. :)
They had so much fun, and their houses turned out so cute!

This was such a brilliant idea, that Kim had for us to do.
Im so thankful for such a wonderful friend.
She is very crafty (like me) and a super talented cook, baker & cake decorator! 
Plus she is amazing with a sewing machine! :)

She got everything together for this fun project for our families to get together and do.
So cute, I love all the fun candy decorations she found to use.

She colored vanilla frosting with orange and purple and each of the kids got their own bag to use.

I helped the boys put up their houses, and she helped Kiah and her daughter Dovelynn.
The boys used gram crackers and the girls used actual gingerbread, that Kim baled herself!

After we got the houses set up, letting them sit for a few minutes for the frosting to set, 
the kids got to decorate them.

Of course enjoying a bite here and there along the way!

Zander actually did pretty good too!
But he really liked licking the frosting off his fingers the best. :)

This was such a fun creative idea, I think we will have to do it again next year.
It also got us warmed up for decorating gingerbread houses for Christmas!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Who Wants Handsome!?

 Ive mentioned in my last post, and a few other previous posts about how I never want to forget things when it comes to my kids.

All the big events, milestones.. and even more importantly... The little things! All the little things are often forgotten. And I will say it a million times... I never want to forget these things!

This morning, my alarm went off at 6:00AM, and as I reached for it as I normally do, I could  not reach it! I was half out of it, still sleepy. I woke myself up a little more to see that I had been squished between The Daddy and two little ninja boys! Zander & Bruce Jr. So I reach as far as I can to grab my phone and stop the vibrating alarm before it woke any of them up!

Goodness.. my heart gets racing thinking of them waking up that early with me.. their grumpy little morning attitudes! haha
Luckily I managed to maneuver myself out of bed without anyone of them noticing! I tip toe out to the living room and start a pot of coffee. I was trying to think of how and when they got into bed with us. I usually wake up for everything! But I have been so tired lately that I must have slept through it...

Anyways, as I was thinking about our crowded bed, I was reminded about another morning experience. It was about 2 or so years ago. Must have been during the summer or a weekend, because I wasnt up early getting Kiah ready for school. So I remember The Daddy and I were laying in bed as was Kiah with us and we were just talking and enjoying each others company. Now I am not sure if Brucey was in bed still, or maybe watching cartoons in the living room. All I remember is that suddenly he appears in our doorway and exclaims "Who Wants Handsome!?" Referring to himself. HAHAHA

"I do! Come give me Loves, HANDSOME!" my reply of course, laughing at his adorably funny entrance!!

 Goodness... remembering that just made my morning! I cant believe I almost forgot about that. I wonder what even made him think to say that? It was so funny and unexpected and cute. You see what I mean!? Its stuff like that, that I want to remember forever. And tell him, when he is older, or tell his wife! ;)

My little Brucey boy... he really is SO handsome! The spitting image of The Daddy. With a perfect amount of Mommy look to him. So, SO handsome... but maybe I just a bit partial?

I am amazed at how big he is getting and how much he (and Kiah & Zander) have grown. I look at their pictures and they just look so grown up! This time will go by so fast! It already has gone by faster than I realize sometimes. I look at their pictures and am in awe at how grown up they look. Then I am a mixture of joy & fear! I already miss them so much- the babies they were. But of course I am excited at their growth too.

I am sure that is normal of most if not all Mommies out there, though, right!? :) Our children are such blessings to us! They are fun, silly, loving, and wild too! Goodness! And Though some days are rough, with kids, I am so thankful for them everyday! I am thankful the little things I never want to forget. I'm even thankful for the rough days.... Cause they sure make me appreciate the good days!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Hope I Never Forget This

There are always moments in life where we think to ourselves "I hope I never forget this".
Sometimes they are big moments, sometimes they are just little everyday things that we can often take for granted. 
All of them are important. 

I'm always tell myself "Don't forget this moment.. it will pass faster than you think!" when it comes to the kids. That is why I blog for them, that is why I get snap happy with the camera. Because I never want to forget! 
I want to remember, preserve and share these memories! 
As Im getting older, and I am not even that old (according to all the 3rd graders in Kiah's class) it seems I am already losing my memory! I am forgetting things so much. I hate that. :( 

So I am going to try my hardest to remember, whether in pictures, or stories and keep sharing them here, so that one day when my kids are older, I can show them all the things BIG and small that I wanted to remember. All the things I want them to know about themselves. Then I can also share them with their future spouse and their own kids too!

I want to be able to say, your Daddy did that same thing at your age, to my grandchild.
Or you look just like your Mommy, when she was your age, to my grandchild.
I want to say to my kids, remember when you were this age and you did this...
And even better than just telling them.. I want to be able to show them!

Today I want to share something about Zander that I never want to forget.

Zander, who is 2 and half years old right now, gets excited when ever I come home.
I love this. Whether I have been gone all day, for an hour or even just a few minutes... 
as soon as I open the door and Zander see's me, he throws his arms in the air and excitedly proclaims:
"YOU'RE HERE!!!!!"
And I always reply, "Yes, My Love, Im here."

Talk about feeling appreciated! Talk about feeling loved! He is just 2 1/2 years old and he makes me feel so special! Like every entrance I make is a grand one! He is so happy that I am home. And I am happy to be home too.  So then I scoop him up in my arms and give him big bear hugs!! And just enjoy the moment.

What things or memories do you hope you never forget?
Share it with me in the comment section, or I encourage you to even write your own
"never forget" post, and share the link with me! :)


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