Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Can We Say Over Achiever?

Can We Say Over Achiever?
Yes, Over Achiever, My Kiah Girl is an over achiever!
Not that there is anything wrong with that, I am proud of her for doing so well academically. 
And I love her thirst for knowledge, I love that she aspires be the Teachers Pet, that she never turns her green card, and gets "lunch bunch" every week of the year!
For those of you who don't know what that is, its lunch with the teacher where they get special treats and maybe a movie or TV time. Only the kids who keep their cards green all week long get it. Its actually funny... when She first told the daddy about lunch bunch, he was shocked. 
He said "when I was a kid, having lunch with the teacher was a punishment, not a privilege!"


Back to the subject of being an OVER achiever...
SO, Last week end Kiah comes home telling me she has to build a Volcano. Then she said, well I don't HAVE to, I'm doing it for extra credit. SO I think, OK great, she wants extra credit. And I assume the teacher told the kids that if they wanted extra credit that they can make a volcano... since I know they have been studying land forms and such.  Well the time comes for her to get started and I said I would help her, because she would using my supplies. So we head out to my craft room and I have a few supplies and ideas to help her with. But I am curious about the volcano...

So I ask her if she got a paper from the teacher about it, to see if there were any specifications and what not. She says no, because she doesn't have to do it...its just for extra credit! I said.. well I would like to know what your teacher said, so I know what we should be doing for sure. (I am just crazy with directions like that.) So I say well tell me what EXACTLY your teacher said. And Kiah tells me she didn't say anything because its for extra credit. I am confused....

So I ask he again What did her teacher say!
She said NOTHING.
I say what do you mean nothing!!!??
Kiah started crying.
I say, Baby can you please just tell me whats going on. How do you know you're supposed to make a volcano?
So she tells me I told my teacher I wanted to make a volcano, and she said ok.
I'm still confused... I ask, what? That's it? Ok so tell me exactly what happened in your class, and the conversation with your teacher... tell me exactly!!

So Kiah says, I went to my teachers desk. I told her I wanted to make a volcano. And she said ok.
I say.. and that's it!? She didn't say ANYTHING else?
Kiah cries a little more. And Answers no.
I say ok, babe, stop crying. Its ok.. I am not mad, I was just confused! Here I thought this whole time that your teacher told the whole class that you all could do a volcano for extra credit if you wanted. But that's not what happened, whats it?
Ok, so your teacher said nothing about extra credit?
OK Kiah,  we can still make this volcano, for fun and you can still take it to your class. But you need to understand, that you may NOT get any extra credit at all, ok? Because your teacher didn't say this.. you cant just assume you will get extra credit for this. Ok? I mean you still MIGHT get extra credit.. BUT don't be upset if you don't, ok? 


So we get stuff together, she paper mache'd and painted, and glued.... and then before too long she had a cute little volcano diorama. Which she proudly tooks to school, Monday morning. When she came home, she tells me her teacher liked it, and said that they will eventually be making volcano dioramas and she wont have to do it because she will already be done! HAHA So I guess it wasn't all for nothing. BUT it was definitely something to remember. A memory of my little over achiever! She is so sweet and has such good intentions. And really I love that she wants to do her very best and anything she can to be the best student she can. Even if it is a little confusing and frustrating! :)

Do you happen to have a little over achiever in your home??

Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Its the first day of Fall. Hooray. So I'd like to say a little goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall.

Goodbye Summer.

Goodbye Summer Adventures.

Goodbye Sun bathing

Goodbye Tan Skin

Goodbye Swimming

Goodbye Flips Flops & Tank Tops.

Goodbye BBQ's.

Goodbye Water Fights.

Goodbye Camp Fires & S'mores.

Goodbye Late Night Star Gazing

Goodbye Fireworks.

Goodbye Heat.

Goodbye Dry Land

Goodbye Summer.

Hello Fall.

Hello Falling Leaves

Hello Pumpkin Patch Adventures
(This adorable photo above was taken when Brucey was 2 years old!)

Hello Cool Weather.

Hello Costumes.
 (Halloween 2010)

Hello Halloween

Hello Candy

Hello Leaf Crunching

Hello Yummy Food

Hello Grateful Hearts

Hello Family Traditions

Hello Mud Football

Hello Thanksgiving

Hello Fall

What are your Hello/Goodbyes?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time for a Hair Cut..

Ok so I know this LOOKS bad.. but I tell you I LOVE this kids hair!
He has such adorable curls and he can totally pull off the long hair look.
Ok looking at this picture, you may not agree.. but thats because The Daddy was trying 
to give him the "Ace Ventura" look. HAHA And yeah he looks silly.
But even still I was hesitant to let him get a hair cut!

But The Daddy had other plans.. SNEAKY plans, I might add!
When I was away in my craft room working on several orders, I was interrupted by The Daddy.
The Daddy was being AWFULLY LOVING to this Momma!
He just said "Heeey, LOOOOVE You"
You know what Im talking about.. if youre a momma or a wife.. you have heard this voice before.
I wasnt falling for it... "What did you do!?" I asked a little paranoid.
It took a while to get it out of him, he just kept saying LOOOOVE Yooou!
haha... finally I got him to admit he cut Zander's hair.
I had a mini freak out.. then Zander popped his adorable little head in.. and my heart melted!
I let out a loud AWWWWWWWWWWW

I wasn't upset, he looked just as handsome, if not more so!
And so grown up.

Oh my goodness, my handsome little man!!
Its funny, we joked that his head shrunk about 2 inches with this hair cut,
but also looked like his ears grew about 2 inches too! haha
No more big curls, to hid those Yoda ears!
But he still looks as handsome as ever. :)

*sigh* So I guess I am unsure which look I like better. 
I always end up loving it once its cut, but I also love it when it is long.

Which look do you like better for my little Zander Boo??

You can see him with his long hair {here
where it looks cute and not crazy like the first picture above! ;)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Spider Monkey

Zander has become quite the spider monkey. He has recently figured out how to open doors.
This has become a worry for me, I dont need him wandering outside alone!
So we decided to keep the doors locked even when we are home.
Well, Mister Spider monkey has figured a way to also unlock the doors!

Lil Stinker!!
And his adorable little mug shot...SO Guilty!!!
'Sowwy Momma' He says.

Boys are such fun... 
Sometimes I think it is wired in them to do everything they can to give their mommy's a heart attack!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Prize Winning Masterpiece

With Halloween just around the corner, 
I have been looking through our Halloween decor from last year... 
And look what I found. :) 
It may look like any old kid coloring, and no big deal. 
But I assure you this isnt just any old kids coloring! 
This is a PRIZE winning coloring!!

Last year Sherri's Restaurant did a coloring contest.
We dont eat there much, but happened to go and the kids colored their picture for the contest.
After we left, we didnt give the contest much though.
We probably even forgot about it. haha
Then one afternoon I got a call, it was someone from Sherri's, telling me Brucey won!!

I tell you it was very exciting! 
He won glow in the dark necklaces, puffy Halloween stickers, and a real pumpkin!
Bruce was SO excited that he had won, and we were all super proud of him. :)
Ahh, it makes me smile just thinking about it.
What a fun memory.
Goodness, I never want to forget this!
Big or small I am proud of all my kids' achievements, as Im sure all Mommas are.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Giant Growling Frog

Before I get to this post, I must say I am A SLACKIN' on this blog!
I know I dont have that many followers, so I doubt anyone notices... 
But I am just bummed because I really wanted to keep this blog updated for myself and the kids.
Ive just been so busy over at Agape Love, that I've put this blog on the back burner... 
So much so that these pictures are from MAY! haha Yeah 4 months ago!
Well I guess better late than never!

So, anyways, I want to introduce to you The Giant Growling Frog!
(I am not sure why it was bleeding)

This big guy lives in our koi pond and up until now.. or well May, this frog had been totally illusive!
We had heard him, but never really seen him! The Daddy had caught glimpses, but could never find it.
Well while draining the koi pond one morning, he FINALLY caught the Giant frog!
Brucey, who loves froggies, was extremely excited! So was The Daddy.

Me, well I was just kind of surprised, I thought it would be a lot bigger!
Sure this thing is pretty huge. But this thing growls... no joke. It growls!
One night while in my room, alone, cause The Daddy was out for "guys night", I heard growling!
I was so scared, I was completely freaked out! I thought there was a mountain lion close by or something. We have had a mountain lion on our front yard before and seen them on the road too. So I was worried. Later I found out that, that "growling" was from this dang frog in our koi pond!

Eww just thinking about touching it creeped me out a little bit. 
Bruce & The Daddy however, were just proud to hold and show off their new pet.

Zander on the other hand... was a little more like me! haha

He did try to brave it out...

He considered holding it...

Got so close to grabbing it....

Yeeaahhh....NO. HAHA
This kid cracks me up!

Anyways... The Daddy totally thought he was going to keep this giant frog as a pet. 
He even got a big fish tank from my sister to keep him in.
He put thick chicken wire over the top to keep the frog from jumping out.
And all day it stayed in the tank. It didnt hop or even try to get out.

But the next morning when the boys went to go check on him...
The chicken wire was lifted and giant froggie was gone!
We knew that thing had strong legs but man.. we didnt expect that! haha
I just laughed and Brucey and The Daddy were bummed.

It wasnt too long before we heard giant frog back in our koi pond again.
How ever The Daddy drained the koi pond again, and through the summer it remained dried up. 
So we hadnt seen or HEARD giant frog after that. Im wondering if he will come back once the rains come again....

Do you have any fun or interesting creatures living in your yard or around your house?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Zander's Moon

In an effort to get a little more exercise into our day The Daddy and I decided to start taking walks during the morning after Kiah and Bruce go to school. Zander who loves going outside was excited about this idea. He wanted to quickly walk ahead of us and check everything out. There is nothing more precious than watching your child happily explore and learn!
Zander is just fun to be around in general, he never ceases to amaze me.
Today his new favorite word to use was "Oh". He cracked me up, 
'Momma Wah dat?' Pointing to a mail box.
'Mail box!'
'Mail box, Oooh'

We keep walking.
'Momma Wah dat?' Pointing to a speed sign.
'Its a Sign!'
'Sign, Oh'

We keep walking.
'Wah DAT!' Excitedly pointing to a dog. (He knew what it was)
'Doggy, Zander.'
'Oh, DOGGY, Ruff Ruff ' Then sticks out his tongue and pants like a dog. 
I love when he does that.

After walking a while, Zander started to slow down.. so daddy put him on his shoulders. :)
You will never guess what he saw once he got up so high?

The Moon! Yes... but not just THE moon... Zander's Moon!
'MOOOOOOON!!! Moon Momma... yook at MY moon Momma!'
'Oh thats Zander's Moon?' I ask
'Yeah Dat my moon Momma!'
Then Daddy says 'No thats MY moon!'
'Oh, dat Daddy moon, momma.'
Isn't he just the sweetest? 

Then of course when I refereed to it again as Zander's moon, he kept correcting me and saying No that's Daddy's Moon! He is the sweetest. But I wanted it to be Zander's moon again.. so I nudged The Daddy and he said "No, thats Zander's Moon!"
"Oh, Dat my moon, Momma."
I don't know why, but I just love that he loves the moon. I love how smart he is and how curious and adventurous he is. I love his thirst for knowledge and I know that God has BIG plans for my special little guy. Every day I look at him and cant help but wonder how his life will turn out. I almost cant wait for him to grow up so I can see... but for the most part I almost want him to stay like this forever... Forever my baby boy, forever my little wonder. :) OK so maybe not FOREVER, haha, but you get my point. I just need to cherish every moment I have with my amazing kids, and pray I don't forget about their fun little personalities and behaviors at this age.They make life so much more fun and entertaining as well as stressful and frustrating at the same time! HA. They are such blessings, they strengthen my faith and teach me so many life lessons... Like that quote:

"While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about."
~Angela Schwindt

Its so true. :) Happy Friday Everyone!


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