Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kid Friendly Enchiladas

I'm not sure about everyone else's kids..but my kids are sort of picky eaters!
All three of them are.. But Zander is ESPECIALLY picky..
He will just LOOK at something and decide he doesn't like it. Even when I KNOW he does!
This usually happens every time I make enchiladas. He looks at the plate in front of him, in disgust, and pushes it away.
*sigh* I tell him, I know you like them, just try them! He opens his mouth, barely touches a small portion to his tongue, then spits it out. So I decided to try something different. And came up with something Zander I mean Kid friendly!

So basically I start as I usually do.
(The numbered parts are my regular recipe/directions for enchiladas)
 1.) Boil boneless skinless chicken breast until cooked thoroughly
2.) Allow chicken to cool down then shred the chicken by hand into a pan

At this point Zander usually likes to watch me in the kitchen. He asks what I am cooking.
"Wha Dat Momma?"
I tell him its CHICKEN, in my most excited voice! Nummy for Enchiladas!
"Ah Had Some, pea, momma?"
Me calmly "Of course buddy!" I figure he can eat SOMETHING since he most likely wont eat them once they are done and ready to serve!

Anyways.. so I give Zander a few pieces of the plain cooked shredded pieces.
"Mmm dat good Mommy-Momma"

I continue to prepare the enchiladas as I normally would.
3.) Add some enchilada sauce to the pan of shredded chicken.
4.) Let simmer together.
5.) Heat corn tortillas in a bag to make them soft
6.) Soak them in sauce before wrapping chicken with them

By this time Zander wants more chicken, so I give him a bit more in a small bowl of the chicken with the sauce this time. I wait for his reaction.. and he is still smiling, still eating.. not grossed out faces and no spitting it out! SUCCESS! Of course by this time he noticed the tortillas and shredded cheese and asks about them!

So I tell him, this is for the enchiladas.. do you want some?
He say yes! And who am I to argue with a picky toddler who will potentially actually eat my cooking!? So I grab a warmed tortilla before soaking it in sauce. I add some of the saucy chicken and shredded cheese. Wrap it up and then hand it over.

And... drum roll...

He actually ATE it. ALL of it!
Sure he ate before everyone else... but I was just glad he was eating at all! :)

And of course I finished the enchiladas for the rest of the family.
7.) Wrap chicken in sauce soaked tortillas
8.) Fill up 13x9 baking dish
9.) Top with shredded cheese
10.) Bake for 10 minutes at 400 degrees.

I usually serve mine with homemade tortilla chips, refried beans and corn!

Im not sure if it was just that Zander watched me cook and see for himself what he was eating, or if it was just because it was a little more plain for him to eat it that way, I was just happy he was eating even if it was a slightly modified version. Plus... it didnt take me any extra time to do that for him.

So do any of you have picky eaters?
What helps you get them to eat?
What dinners have you had to modify for your kids to eat?
I'd love to hear your ideas and recipes! :)


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day Of School!

Today was the first day of School for the kids. Which is always a BIG and special day in general. 
But it was even more special today, because it was Bruce's VERY FIRST day of school ever!
Zander wanted to go to school too, poor guy he cried when he couldnt come with us! :(
He started kindergarten today!

We found Kiahs class, and its wonderful because it is actually right across from Brucey's class!
Check out that stack of books on her desk! She will be learning lots this year!
The first thing she noticed was the zebra on it! haha

She felt right at home in her class! She knew just about everyone too.  Such a big girl.
And since there was still time before class started she came with us to check out Bruce's class.

We already had a sneak peek at Bruce's class, because we got to go there a week before school started to meet his teacher. He even colored and cut out his own bear like a big boy!

Today when we came in, there were puzzles to do while we were waiting for everyone to arrive.

Then class started, he had to sit on the color rug that matched the color of his name tag.

I got to stay with him for a while. (I stayed about 30 min) 
He kept looking over at me to make sure I was still there!

Looking a little shy and nervous.

Learning new songs and how to sign to them.

Then there was a song about names, that also involved using a ball! You sang the song, then the teacher would throw the ball to you and you say your name. Of course Bruce LOVED that! And was completely ready to participate for this!

Ready to catch the ball and say his name!

Got it!

It was good to see him enjoying himself.

When it was time for the class to line up and learn how to follow the foot prints to the bathroom is when I left him. He seemed happy and content and confident. SO I kissed him good bye, snapped a few more pictures and left.

*sigh* It was hard to leave him.. I wanted to stay all day!
But I knew I had to let him do it on his own.
Boy, look at how big and handsome he looked!

So I came home to a quiet (and messy) house to wait anxiously to hear about the kids' first day!
I realized that all summer long I hadnt really CLEANED the house! We'd been so busy, on vacation and having visitors I hadnt had the time to really clean.. only mostly tidy up! SO I took advantage of the quiet and having only child (Two if you could The Daddy, who acted like he was dying of boredom with out the kids being home!) and really cleaned the house.
I even scrubbed the counters and gleaned the grout to make it nice and white again and washed our washing machine... it really needed it! And before I knew it, it was time to go get the kids! The time passed so quickly for me...

Unfortunately it seems the time didnt pass as quickly for Brucey! :( I went to his classroom, I saw him before he saw me. And he has started crying just a minute after I had gotten there. Poor guy! Then I called his name and he seemed relieved to see me. One of the parents who was helping in the class told me he was tired. I said yes, he gets tired this time of day plus he is so SHY. She said her son is shy too and this is a very long day for them. (Full day 8:20-2:45) I felt bad. I asked him if something happened, and he said no.. he just missed me. I asked if he had a good day aside from that and he said yes. SO he liked his day and once we were home he was a lot more excited about his day and shared about it with us. :) So thats good. I just pray that tomorrow goes better. I am a little nervous because tomorrow he will take the bus! Yikes! Of course Kiah will be there and help him and walk with him to his class.. so he wont be alone. But I am still a little nervous!

As for my Kiah girl, well she was beyond excited! She had a wonderful day. She said she loves 3rd grade and that her teacher is nice and so funny! :) It was so great to hear. I knew she would do great. She was also excited to hear about Brucey's day. She loved kindergarten, and said she knows Bruce will love it too! I agree with her, he just needs a little time to warm up, he has always been like that!

So who else had kids who started school today, or this week? How did it go?
Any Kindergartener Newbies?? How did they do?
How did YOU do?
I know I was extremely emotional when Kiah started Kindergarten, 
and yet when my shy guy Bruce started today I didnt even shed a tear, oddly enough! 
Lets hope I do as good once I see him go off on the bus! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

I Ache.. I Mean, I'm Awake!

I had a hard time sleeping last night so I was up till around 2 AM checking out blogs, editing photos, facebook stalking and such.. So of course after finally going to sleep, the "morning" came too soon. 
Then of course I woke up to Zander laying next to me punching my face over and over saying "Mommy ache up! Mommy Ache UP!"  Sure he MEANT "wake"... but I was feeling the ache more than the wake! *sigh* ... The joys... right? :)
 On top of that.. look at this kid! Sheesh, darn that cute face... its really hard to be mad at a face like that!  Little Stinker! On the other hand.. If I want to get any good sleep at all, I may have to put an electric fence around my bed....
 p.s. I was just kidding bout the electric fence, I'm a momma... there is not such thing as good sleep!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Spy Something Missing!

I Spy Something Missing! Can you find what it is??
Yup! My big boy lost his very FIRST baby tooth!!
It is so hard to believe that he is already 5, he is going to kindergarten in ONE week! 
And as if he wasnt official enough.. losing his first tooth sure made him an OFFICIAL Big Boy!

He got to use the special Tooth Pillow I made for the kids, last year. Which was very exciting for him. :)
You can find the tutorial on how I made this cute little tooth on my Agape Love Designs Blog {Here}!

He fell asleep with his tooth in the pocket...

And woke up to a pocket full of cash! :)

Yeah, the tooth fairy gives out big money for THEE FIRST Baby tooth that falls out!

Oh and I have to mention the (funny) sweet conversation between Kiah & Bruce Jr. Before they went to bed.
It went something like this:

Kiah: You have to be sleeping before the tooth fairy will come. She wont come if youre awake!

Bruce Jr.: How does she know I am awake!?

Kiah: Because she is like Santa Clause.. she knows when youre sleeping and she knows when youre awake!! 


Monday, August 1, 2011

Mommy Made Doughnuts(And YOU Can Too!)!

OK so they dont look like anything fancy, but they sure are YUMMY and totally easy to make!
My mom used to make these for us when we were kids, and now I make them for my kids. :)

All you need are these biscuits:
 I used my deep fryer But you can use a deep pan with some cooking oil (like vegetable or corn)

So I popped open the biscuits and used pulled them all apart. 
Then used a SMALL circle cookie cutter, to cut holes in each of the biscuits as shown:

 Pop them in the oil.. only a few at a time, so they dont burn. Let them bubble and brown.

Then carefully turn them over. Make sure you leave them long enough to cook all the dough, but not too long to burn!

Pull them out onto a paper towel to dry and get the oil off.

 Do the same with the holes.

Grab some frosting or sugar to top with and then serve!

 A quick yummy "home made" treat!

I added some food coloring to the frosting for added fun. :)

Good thing is these doughnuts are very filling, that will stop you from eating too many!
So savor each yummy bite! :)
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