Friday, July 29, 2011

This Is What Competitiveness Looks Like...

You have heard me say it before... but I will say it again. My son Bruce is COMPETITIVE! 
He gets that from The Daddy...
Would you like to see what his competitiveness looks like?

These pictures dont do it justice.. it was pretty terrible looking.

His whole stomach, both knees, just under his nose and one of his wrists were all scrapped up!

And he wasnt really crying so much over the scraps themselves.. as he was at the fact that Mommy had to get pictures of it!  Which is why the pictures arent that great, he kept moving and wouldnt hold still for me to get a good shot of his "battle scars".

 He kept getting mad at me and covering himself up.

Until The Daddy told him to knock it off and just let me get a picture... this is then what happened... a crying fit! 
But at least you get the picture....

So you may be wondering what happened?

Well he was outside... just as he is in the pictures.. shorts, no shirt, and flip flops. The Daddy was outside too checking the mail... they decided to race back! Sometimes this Momma thinks The Daddy is one of the kids! Sheesh.. so what happens? Little Bruce trips on his flip flops in an attempt to beat The Daddy. I of course was a little upset with The Daddy... And in the end all Little Bruce could say was "I almost beat daddy though!
*Sigh* Dont worry buddy.. one day you will! :)


Once Upon A Time.. (A Story About A Little Boy Who Wanted To Do It All)

Once upon a time there was a little boy who LOVED to do what others did! It was a good thing.... at first. It meant that because he had an older brother and sister who could walk, he learned to walk very fast and early at the age of 9 months! It meant that he learned to eat like a big boy, and play like a big boy and talk and get himself dressed and all the things his big brother and sister could do. It meant that he was very smart and quick at catching on! It made his Mommy and Daddy super PROUD. It made his Doctor excited to see his fast growth and surprised to see him acting several months ahead of his age! It made everyone around him, ooohh and ahhh over how cute this LITTLE boy was doing BIG BOY things!

But Like I said.. that was AT FIRST! Soon he started wanting do EVERYTHING on his own. Little Mister INDEPENDENT! He would sometimes throw fits when Mommy tried to help, because HE wanted to do it HIMSELF! That worried his Mommy.. because he even wanted to do dangerous things, like climb the counters and pour his mommy some coffee, jump in the pool without floaties, ride the big boy quad by himself, climb out of his high chair on his own... then eventually refuse to even use his high chair any more so he could instead eat up at the breakfast bar on the tall stools like brother & sister! It meant things like trying to walk in daddys big shoes, brothers roller skates and EVEN Mommy's Shoes!  And more recently it has meant that not only does he copy everything his brother & sister do... he is also watching what Mommy does.... 
Like when Mommy is unloading the dish washer, or starting a load of laundry, making lunch, or GOING TO THE BATHROOM! And she hears a little voice "I Help... I hellllpp"....

 I guess this Mommy should have known what was coming one day when her little boy was paying special attention to her and how she PUTS ON HER MAKEUP!

You can tell he is "innocently" thinking "What Momma?"
or I guess I should Say "MeeMoo PeePoo" Which is what he has been calling me lately!

Ha.. HA.. ha... 

This little boy sure is a stinker, but at least he is good for a laugh. 

The End.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

We made Krusty Dogs

What? You're not familiar with Krusty Dogs??
Well Check out this quick video:

Yup... Burgers in the shape of hot dogs! Sounds silly, and you may be wondering why we would want to make "Krusty Dogs"? Right?

Well The Daddy was in the mood to BBQ. Its always nice to BBQ in the Summer time!
I went to the store to pick up a few things we needed. But of course as soon as Im in the van about to leave for home I get a call from The Daddy saying we were out of Hamburger buns! But he didnt want me  to worry about going back inside the store, that we could just use regular bread.

Well I get home and realize we have an excessive amount of HOT DOG buns! So I tell The Daddy, hey before you grill those burgers.. why dont you just shape them like hot dogs and we can use the hot dog buns! You know.. like Sponge Bob did with "Krusty Dogs"! We both laughed.. but it was worth giving a try! :) And it worked! It was very interesting and funny.. but it was better than using regular bread. And the kids got a kick out of us having Krusty Dogs!  :)

Who says Sponge Bob is useless? *hehe* He definitely helped us out that night! :)

Have you ever had to have a silly meal to make up for something you didnt have?
Or have you ever gotten fun ideas from cartoons?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Beat The Heat On The Cheap!

Im not sure how hot it gets in the summer where you all live, but here in Cali it gets HOT!
Like crazy HOT.. up in the 100's on most days kinda hot!
The heat makes it hard to wanna be out and about outside for too long.
Which leads to lazy days lounging around the house all day long... yeah not fun!
We are majorly blessed with an amazing pool that is wonderful when it comes to beating the heat! 
However there are days where I get too busy to watch the kids in the pool.
(They are not aloud in with out Mommy or Daddy out there)
So when I needed to spend all morning cleaning and doing laundry till the late afternoon I end up with a few grumpy and bored kids who are too hot to go play outside!
As much as I would love to just head on out jump right into the pool and forget about any and all work and mom duties Ive got to do... The Daddy reminds me that I cant! :(
So what to do with 3 hot, grumpy and BORED kids when Ive got work to do?

Stick 'em outside with a hose, a large pot and 3, Dollar Tree squirters!

I let them fill up the pot with water making it easy to use these squirters (meant for use in the pool)!
They spray a lot better, farther and more water than squirt guns. So they are loads of fun!

The kids have a blast squirting each other.

They are no longer bored... so I can get some work done!

And they stay nice and cool while also playing outside and getting the excessive they need!
Yay! Successful way to beat the heat on the cheap! :)

What do you do to beat the heat??

Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th Of July 2011

I do plan on adding words to this post.. but right now as I sit here it is almost mid night! I am tired.. and I just wanted to get these photos uploaded before I forgot and it was already Halloween! haha

So if you happen upon this post.. feel free to check out our 4th Celebration in pictures. I will write more tomorrow... :)

If you want to see more of my firework photos.. check out my other blog Agape Love Designs!


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