Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'm No Cake Boss... But Mommy Made A Guitar Cake! {Tutorial}

So, as I mentioned in my last post..
Yesterday was Bruce Jr.'s Birthday!
My Big boy turned 5!
He has been really into music lately and wanting to learn how
to play daddy's guitar. He asked for a guitar for his birthday.
So we bought a small blue one for him,
and I just had to make him a cake to match! 
You will see pictures below of his real guitar too.
Im going to share with you how I did it so you can make one too! :)

I used 3 boxes of cake mix!
This is my FAVORITE brand of cake, its so moist and delicious!
I used 3 cans of frosting.. but only ended up needing 2.
And the royal blue Wilton food coloring.

~ 4 king size rice krispy treats
~mini marshmellows
~ Twizzlers pull & peel
(I originally planned to use black, but every store only had red!)
~ King size Kit Kat Bar
~Black Sparkly piping gel

2 round pans, one bigger than the other.
I love these pans.. they have the spring sides that come off making it
easier to remove the cake!

So after I baked the cakes, I put them side by side (on a cardboard box)
I used the bottom of the smaller cake pan as a template to cut
a slight crescent shape into the bigger cake so that they would fit
together and make the the shape of a guitar body.

Fit the cakes together as in the picture below.

I mixed the frosting with the food coloring.
I did blue because it was the color of the guitar we bought Bruce. :)

And here is what it looks like frosted.

Here is where the krispy treats come in.
I took 2 king size treats and stacked them
(added a little frosting in between to help it stay in place)
This made up the neck of the guitar.

Really starting to take shape as a guitar!

Then I took the remaining 2 treats cut then in half and stacked them:

I took a knife and cut them to the shape of the top part of guitar neck.

And now we have the full guitar shape!
Now you can frost the cake how ever you want.. but like I said before,
I wanted to keep the cake similar to Bruce's guitar.

It was so very exciting seeing this cake come to life and look so
realistic, just from the thoughts and ideas I had in my head! :)

I added some frosting to a sandwich baggie and added more detail:

Next I used the sparkly black gel to add the rest of the details!

Brucey came  around to help eat some of the candy details!

Next I used the twizzlers for the guitar strings, 
and a kit kat bar for where the strings connect at the base.

Next I used mini marshmallows and tooth pics for the tuners.

Added his name.. and I was finished!

These next few pictures I left large.. so you can click them to make
them bigger and get a better look see!

I LOVE how it turned out. 

Guess who else loved it?!
Check out his face when he saw the whole thing finished!

Look Momma, Im 5!

Here  is little Big Man after he got himself ready for his party!
He is so handsome! 
He did his own hair...
And for some reason.. he was really into having a "mo-hawk"
haha :)

Here are a few pictures of him getting his special present from
Mommy and Daddy!

These next pictures are large, click them to see them bigger. :)

Daddy showing him how to do a few chords.

And playing a little song with daddy...
well trying to at least!


I LOVE his smile!

Happy Birthday my little BIG Buddy Boo!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Picture (or twenty) of our Easter!

I dont know about any one else, but this Easter and Easter break (for Kiah)
Has been SUPER busy! I have hardly had time to post anything..
and I've had so much to catch up on at home, and a few other things! 
On top of everything, tomorrow is Brucey's Birthday... 
who actually had informed me this morning that he doesnt want to be
called "Brucey" anymore.. because he is a big boy, going to 5!
He wants to be called Bruce, that's his big boy name. :)

Anyways,  I just had to take a moment and post a
few pictures of our Easter this year.
It was a pretty exciting one, especially that Kiah was baptized!
You will see pictures below... but first things first...
This was the first year the kids dyed eggs!

Gotta love using white crayon to make surprise decorations
on the eggs! :)

Yes I even let Zander help! He was too excited about it all! 
I just love it!

Being that the dye could get very messy, especially with a busy 
toddler around... I just whipped out pictures with my camera on Auto... 
so the pictures are not great... as you can tell with the horrid shadows
in most of the pictures... but you do what you can when you 
need quick pix. :)

I love this one of Zan.

Easter Sunday at Church was VERY eventful!
Kiah and her cousins were in a play, and also sang
songs for all of the church.

The Daddy and I sang a song special for Church.
We sang New Again 
(please click the link to hear the original song.. its so beautiful and touching)
Again.. please excuse the terrible blurry pictures! I let my 
brother in law use my camera to get some pictures of us... 
he didnt quite know what he was doing. *hehe*
But Im grateful for his help!

 And I mentioned earlier... Kiah made her public declaration of her
faith, love and belief that Jesus died on the cross and rose again,
by being baptized! 
These pictures get me so teary eyed. Kiah is such a blessing.
And it is amazing to see how much God is working through her!
Let this be a lesson that He can use ALL who are willing
to do His will!

Isnt she beautiful? :)

About to get dunked!


And up again. :)


 After Church we all went to My sister Mona's house for family
lunch and Easter egg hunting! :)

Haha This picture cracks me up!
Zander's face is hilarious! He is saying "Egg" but kind of glarring
because of the sun in his eyes. :)

Check out this strong lil Chicka!

Major muscles! haha

Little Big Man Bruce, here, looking all macho. 

Zander chowing down on all the candy he found in his eggs!
I pretty much just let him have at it with the candy!
Normally I moderate how much he eats.. only let him have a little bit!
The problem with that is having to deal with left over candy for weeks 
after! That to me is a pain... its either left in the cupboard for
months.. or I eat it.. and I DONT NEED IT! haha
So I let the kids stuff themselves... and that was the end of that.

How was your Easter??


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