Sunday, January 30, 2011

{V-DAY Project # 4} Decoupaged Containers

Have you been saving those baby food containers??
This is what its for.
Valentines Day Project #4
Decoupaged Containers...

Can you guess what we made to put in them??
I'll let you guess today, and I'll post that project tomorrow!
For now.. here is a quick tutorial for these containers!
The Supplies:
Baby food containers
(I had my sister who a 10 month old, save hers for me)
Valentine themed Tissue paper 
(only $1 at walmart)
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Pencil and Scissors

Unfold one piece of tissue paper
take one of the lids and start to trace it out on the back side of 
the tissue paper. Trace as many shapes as containers you have.
Then cut them out!

 Cover one lid at a time with mod podge...

Carefully place one of the cut outs over the lid you just mod podged.

Then apply more mod podge over the tissue paper.

I turned the containers upside down, and set the lids on top to dry for about an hour. 

And then you have a nice decorative lid! They look adorable!

What do you think?
Simple and yet so stinkin adorable right!? :)
Now what is your guess we will be using these containers for??
Post your thoughts, guesses and such in a comment!
And keep a look out for Vday Project #5 to find out what we used these for!! :)

Until then you can check out the rest of the Vday Projects:
Glitter Heart Crayons
free Custom Valentine Photo Cards
Valentine Baggie Labels

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P.S.S. UPDATE! Project 5 has been posted, check it out {here}

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine Bag Labels {Valentine Project # 3}

Valentine Bag Labels {Valentine Project # 3}

Remember the cute heart shaped crayons we made
for Kiah's Valentines??
And those ADORABLE heart baggies
I found at the Dollar Tree to put them in?
Well I have made some CUTE labels to attach to them,
and I'm going to share them with you!
Dont you just LOVE me? :)
I know! hehe

Before I get to the labels though, let me give you a hint towards
the next V-day Project, Im going to be sharing:
You will need to save up all the cute little
plastic baby food containers you can!

Alrighty.. moving on!

Here are the labels all printed out...Kiah LOVED them!

Arent they just darling?

Kiah was excited to sign her name on them. :)
 My beautiful little princess.
She looks so serious. :)
But she was so excited with these and all the projects we 
are doing for V-day!

After she signed them, I grabbed my paper cutter 
and started slicing, and folding!

When I had them set out like this, they reminded me of place cards. 

So then all we did was stick a crayon in the baggy,
then attach the label with a stapler! 
Easy Peasy!

Front View:

Back View:

And now here are your free labels! 
Double click this then save it to your computer,
print onto card stock paper!

And because I liked the idea of them 
being used as place cards...
here is another version with out the "Made by" on the back. 
So, if you were having a fun little V-day party, you could use these as place cards. 
Simply print out, cut and fold, then write a different persons name on the back 
and place around the table! :)

Just a tip..if youre printing these.. make sure to click off of the "fit to picture" option.
See how it cuts off part of the picture:

And if youre at all curious as to what size I printed mine to, I used the wallet size option.
This gave me 9 per sheet. This was a good size to the skinny bags we are

Thanks for stopping by Mommy Made!

 I really hope you enjoy these!
I appreciate any and all comments, questions, and compliments!
I'd Love to know if you like or use these. :)
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followed my blog...
That would totally MAKE MY DAY! :)

Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, January 24, 2011

8 Free Valentine Photo Card ploppers! {V-DAY Project # 2}

Remember how I said I usually design fun Valentine Photo Cards
for Kiah to give out to her class?
But that this year we are doing something different,
by doing the Heart Crayons.. and some other projects.
Well I thought it would be nice to share with you all the previous
photo cards I had made in the past!
So if you would like, you can use them for your kids!

All you need to do it double click the plopper(s) to bring to full size,
then save to your computer.
Use any photo editing software to add your childs picture in.
Then print.
I normally take them to Walmart and have them printed as 4x6 photos.
But you can also print them at home on card stock paper. :)

Valentine Example 1

Plopper 1

Valentine Example 2

Plopper 2

Plopper 3

Valentine Example 3

Plopper 4

Valentine Example4

Plopper 5

Valentine Example 5

Plopper 6

Valentine Example 6

Plopper 7

Valentine Example 7

Plopper 8
I hope you enjoy these!
Im going to be posting the next Valentine's day project very soon!
Here is a little hint: 
You will need to save all your baby food containers!

Until then, I hope you have a wonderful week!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Valentines Day Project #1 {Glitter Heart Crayons}

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Every Valentines day I always create special Valentines Cards for Kiah to take to her class.
Usually they are unique photo cards! We always have a fun photo shoot, just for her cards too.
I was going to do the same thing this year, but then decided to do something different!

Ive seen these "old to new" crayons in fun shapes all over blog land. 
And actually made some with the kids during October, when I had found some fun pumpkin shape silicone molds on sale at Walmart! 
I told the kids to bring me all their old broken crayons, because we were going to make new ones!
They had a blast doing this! Kiah told all her friends about it, and she had said how much they liked the idea and wanted some.
SOOO.. I thought what a good idea to give as a Valentine!
This is just project ONE I have for Valentines.
I'll be posting the other ones through out the week. :)

Check out these excited faces!

So not that you really need a tutorial.. you can find them all over the internet.
But I feel like sharing anyways! 

So Here are the supplies we used!
I decided new crayons would be best since we were giving them away.
I found the heart silicone molds at ross for only $2!!
Glitter from Walmart
And those adorable baggies at the Dollar Tree! :)

First preheat the oven to 300

I had the kids help me, by peeling all the paper off the crayons.

I kinda wanted to keep the colors the same. But I thought for the kids it would be more fun to mix two colors. In each mold is 2 jumbo crayons.

It was the hubs idea for this pink and green heart. Pink on one side and Green on the other. Rather than "mixed".

Set the mold on an old baking tray. And stick in the oven. Bake for 10 minutes!

These are the crayons we had left after filling 12 molds. So we can make 4 more, for a total of 16 "new" Crayons.

We had a healthy snack while we waited for the crayons to bake.

After they are done baking, I took the white glitter and poured it into each mold while it was still all liquidy.

Most of the glitter floated to the top..

Let them cool for about 4 hours.. then they pop easily out of the molds!!
Kiah mentioned how they look like colorful heartshaped reeses peanut butter cups!
They do.. mMmmmmMmm :)

Then put them in their baggies! I am probably going to make some printable labels to attach to the baggies. If I do, I will definitely share them with you! :)

I think the kids will really like these! :) Kiah was very excited about this project. She was only bummed that she has to wait until Valentine's Day to give them out! :)

What projects are you working on for your kids Valentines??

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