Sunday, November 27, 2011

For Your Young Book Lovers! (Customized Books)

When I was young, my Mom got me and my sisters each a personalized book for Christmas one year.
I have always cherished this book, and loved that it had my name in it, and the names of my friends!
This is my special book:

And this is me, age 9... and yes Student of The Week... haha 
Kiah is lucky, she is way cuter than I was at her age! ;)

Here is a closer look at my book.

Recently one of my sisters mentioned wanting to get a personalized book like ours for her own daughter. :)
And I knew it would be a perfect gift for my own kids too!
So I searched online and found this website Happy Kids Personalized Gifts!
You can check out all their books and even read the whole story to be sure you like it before you purchase!
 The Prices are wonderful and range from $10-$17.
These are the books I picked out for my little Book Lovers. :)

Kiah got The Ballerina Princess. 
I liked it because it looks similar to Barbie, and she is pretty into Barbie right now.

Though Kiah's reading level is a bit higher than this book, 
I know she will treasure it so much, as I have treasured my own special book!
She loves to read and she even reads my special book a lot.
I know she is gonna LOVE to have her own. :)

Since Zander is totally into counting right now I got him a Sesame Street Counting Book.

Through out the whole book there are things to "help Elmo count". 
I know Zander will LOVE this!
Of all the kids, he is my biggest book lover!
I love that about him... he even fell asleep clutching his fav book in his hands! :)
I am sure he will be excited to hear his name in this book.
Although these books are a surprise for them (for Christmas) I asked the kids to tell me who their best friends where.. 
So I knew who to add to the book.
Its sweet that when I asked Zander, he told me Kiah and Brucey were his best friends. :)
Sweet Boy!

And for my tough little Super Hero Brucey, I got The Justice League!

This was one of the more expensive books at $17, but its a lot bigger.
Brucey is just learning to read now. 
And though he gets excited to read and find words he knows, he often gets board with the books we have.
I think this one will DEFINITELY keep his attention!
Its big, and colorful, full of action and he and his school friends are included in the action!

So I am EXTREMELY excited to give these to the kids.
I really hope they like them as much as I think they will... more so hopefully! :)
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Do you have a little book lover?
If so, you will definitely want to check out this fun site!

p.s. This is NOT a sponsored post at all!
Just thought it was a fun gift idea and had to share. :)


  1. Those are amazing. What a great gift idea. I love your blog. I'm your newest follower. (actually I thought I was already following you but I couldn't find you in my blog list. But now I am definitely following you)
    Would love to see you DIY Home Sweet home.

    P.S. I have a linky every Monday. Would love for you to stop by and link up.

  2. These are lovely!!! Would love you to link up to my SPEND LESS-GIVE MORE Christms gift link up:)

    blessings!!! love your very cute blog! :)
    Lauren @ Summit St JOy


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