Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Hope I Never Forget This

There are always moments in life where we think to ourselves "I hope I never forget this".
Sometimes they are big moments, sometimes they are just little everyday things that we can often take for granted. 
All of them are important. 

I'm always tell myself "Don't forget this moment.. it will pass faster than you think!" when it comes to the kids. That is why I blog for them, that is why I get snap happy with the camera. Because I never want to forget! 
I want to remember, preserve and share these memories! 
As Im getting older, and I am not even that old (according to all the 3rd graders in Kiah's class) it seems I am already losing my memory! I am forgetting things so much. I hate that. :( 

So I am going to try my hardest to remember, whether in pictures, or stories and keep sharing them here, so that one day when my kids are older, I can show them all the things BIG and small that I wanted to remember. All the things I want them to know about themselves. Then I can also share them with their future spouse and their own kids too!

I want to be able to say, your Daddy did that same thing at your age, to my grandchild.
Or you look just like your Mommy, when she was your age, to my grandchild.
I want to say to my kids, remember when you were this age and you did this...
And even better than just telling them.. I want to be able to show them!

Today I want to share something about Zander that I never want to forget.

Zander, who is 2 and half years old right now, gets excited when ever I come home.
I love this. Whether I have been gone all day, for an hour or even just a few minutes... 
as soon as I open the door and Zander see's me, he throws his arms in the air and excitedly proclaims:
"YOU'RE HERE!!!!!"
And I always reply, "Yes, My Love, Im here."

Talk about feeling appreciated! Talk about feeling loved! He is just 2 1/2 years old and he makes me feel so special! Like every entrance I make is a grand one! He is so happy that I am home. And I am happy to be home too.  So then I scoop him up in my arms and give him big bear hugs!! And just enjoy the moment.

What things or memories do you hope you never forget?
Share it with me in the comment section, or I encourage you to even write your own
"never forget" post, and share the link with me! :)

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  1. Love this! I'm already learning how true this is :) I just hope I never forget each little loving smile that our daughter gives me when she sees me, those are my favorite!


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