Friday, September 23, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Its the first day of Fall. Hooray. So I'd like to say a little goodbye to Summer and hello to Fall.

Goodbye Summer.

Goodbye Summer Adventures.

Goodbye Sun bathing

Goodbye Tan Skin

Goodbye Swimming

Goodbye Flips Flops & Tank Tops.

Goodbye BBQ's.

Goodbye Water Fights.

Goodbye Camp Fires & S'mores.

Goodbye Late Night Star Gazing

Goodbye Fireworks.

Goodbye Heat.

Goodbye Dry Land

Goodbye Summer.

Hello Fall.

Hello Falling Leaves

Hello Pumpkin Patch Adventures
(This adorable photo above was taken when Brucey was 2 years old!)

Hello Cool Weather.

Hello Costumes.
 (Halloween 2010)

Hello Halloween

Hello Candy

Hello Leaf Crunching

Hello Yummy Food

Hello Grateful Hearts

Hello Family Traditions

Hello Mud Football

Hello Thanksgiving

Hello Fall

What are your Hello/Goodbyes?

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  1. I love summer and it is sad to see it go, but I do love fall too!! Cute post! Thank you for linking up!! xo


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