Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Giant Growling Frog

Before I get to this post, I must say I am A SLACKIN' on this blog!
I know I dont have that many followers, so I doubt anyone notices... 
But I am just bummed because I really wanted to keep this blog updated for myself and the kids.
Ive just been so busy over at Agape Love, that I've put this blog on the back burner... 
So much so that these pictures are from MAY! haha Yeah 4 months ago!
Well I guess better late than never!

So, anyways, I want to introduce to you The Giant Growling Frog!
(I am not sure why it was bleeding)

This big guy lives in our koi pond and up until now.. or well May, this frog had been totally illusive!
We had heard him, but never really seen him! The Daddy had caught glimpses, but could never find it.
Well while draining the koi pond one morning, he FINALLY caught the Giant frog!
Brucey, who loves froggies, was extremely excited! So was The Daddy.

Me, well I was just kind of surprised, I thought it would be a lot bigger!
Sure this thing is pretty huge. But this thing growls... no joke. It growls!
One night while in my room, alone, cause The Daddy was out for "guys night", I heard growling!
I was so scared, I was completely freaked out! I thought there was a mountain lion close by or something. We have had a mountain lion on our front yard before and seen them on the road too. So I was worried. Later I found out that, that "growling" was from this dang frog in our koi pond!

Eww just thinking about touching it creeped me out a little bit. 
Bruce & The Daddy however, were just proud to hold and show off their new pet.

Zander on the other hand... was a little more like me! haha

He did try to brave it out...

He considered holding it...

Got so close to grabbing it....

Yeeaahhh....NO. HAHA
This kid cracks me up!

Anyways... The Daddy totally thought he was going to keep this giant frog as a pet. 
He even got a big fish tank from my sister to keep him in.
He put thick chicken wire over the top to keep the frog from jumping out.
And all day it stayed in the tank. It didnt hop or even try to get out.

But the next morning when the boys went to go check on him...
The chicken wire was lifted and giant froggie was gone!
We knew that thing had strong legs but man.. we didnt expect that! haha
I just laughed and Brucey and The Daddy were bummed.

It wasnt too long before we heard giant frog back in our koi pond again.
How ever The Daddy drained the koi pond again, and through the summer it remained dried up. 
So we hadnt seen or HEARD giant frog after that. Im wondering if he will come back once the rains come again....

Do you have any fun or interesting creatures living in your yard or around your house?


  1. Ewwww, I can't believe they held it! As a kid I loved nothing more than collecting frogs a tadpoles, but I can't imagine doing it now! I'm much more a girlie girl! The only interesting things living in our house are my two boys, very odd!

    Nice to see you back, have a lovely weekend

  2. Ah, we do miss you too. My family blog has also fallen to the way side, not that my craft blog is fairing much better. I think that the summer just ran away with many of us and forgot to pack our blogs for the journey.

  3. Oh yes, our fun creature is an EVIL squirrel Cute and all from afar, but she has managed to decimate all of my apples and peaches. I will have no harvest and no yummy goodness this year. It makes me very sad. Who knew little squirrels lived in the desert?

  4. Such cute photos! Love the blog makeover too :)


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